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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Quelle surprise

It's as well I felt ill and icky, it would appear. On the positives: I have not got warts, I do have athlete's foot (but I have been controlling it effectively) and now have the ability to kill it. I am up to date (ish) with marking. Last night we went to see a bonfire and it was good. We got back late, we had take-out.

If I had any wine, and if I had those eyes and hair and chin and
was an actual woman (trans or otherwise) and if I were still in
this situation, and if there were anything sympathetic or
even vaguely unusual in my being in this situation then I guess,
if you squinted, you could say this was me.
After the children went to bed, we ate, but without discussion. Tilly has started researching her next book and needs to read stuff. Because I was still eating (and she hates the noise of other people eating) she retired to the bedroom. She was asleep within ten minutes of going up. We did not have a discussion. We did not share any episode of anything. We still haven't spent time together.

Today I ran errands before taking the Boy to find something for my Godson. I failed in that endeavour by having the heebie-jeebies and thus will resort to something less personal but hopefully more useful. It is no surprise that I am awful with dates and celebrations. Tilly has cleaned the kitchen, much that was lost is now returned. She is very happy, happy with her writing, with the friends she has made, with our life in general. Tilly is happy. The children are happy. I am not depressed.

My friends are having a time of it though.

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