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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Nae Candles

Nae Candles.
In the film version of Kidnapped, a film about the eighteenth or seventeenth century adventure story of something or other, that I first saw in the late 80s with my father there is a house. It is owned by a crotchety old Scotsman who wants our hero, a child, dead. So, when the boy is sent to live with the man he arranges for an unfortunate accident that can't be traced back to his actions. The house is old, full of dark alcoves and bits are falling down, the man simply tells the child to go to bed. The child asks for directions, these are tersely given, and then asks for blankets.
"Nae blankets." So he asks for a guide.
"Nae servants." So he asks for a candle.
"Nae candles."
"Nae candles?"
"Nae candles."
"Nae candles."
And thus the line passed into my consciousness and is forever completely decontextualised and applied seemingly at random. Michael Caine was in it.

It's a Sinnlig. Strawberry.

I got a lavender one as well, because, you
know, fuck it.
In this case, however, there is a context. I was thinking about the advice to make IKEA my happy place and was charging the car earlier in the week. I bought some candles as I perused the place and tried to take it all in. I bought some scented candles. For me. I know that Tilly will never buy me flowers or scented candles, she will never try to 'woo' me romantically and she will never carry out the 'man' role in the relationship. I know this. I bought her a candle too, I thought she liked scented candles. She does not. It's not that she hates them, she told me, she just doesn't go out of her way to have them or use them, she thought I got more out of them than her.

Fuck it, thought I, and I've had a candle lit when I've been marking lately. Rose downstairs and now the strawberry one (I'm not as much of a fan of the rose ones, but Tilly has a rose obsession) upstairs. So, quite the opposite of 'nae candles' it would appear.

Normal sex.

Normal, heterosexual, white, cis-gendered, middle-class,
sex. So, normal. Right?

Kinsey reckons 30-39 year olds have sex 89 times a year.

Holy shit! 89 times! I don't think Tilly and I have had sex
that many times since we met.
I also asked, two days ago, about maybe hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing. I was told that she was "not not up for it" but that not now. Figures. The following day she suggested that we maybe pencil it in for a week hence. Do people do this? Do people actually have to plan a week in advance to find the time to do it with one another? Is this normal? I want to say that it is not normal, I want to claim that most people would do it more often and with more spontaneity than this, but I don't know. When discussing things 'most people' tends to be the code for "I" with Tilly, it simultaneously makes her sound less anecdotal and renders any attempt to argue my case more difficult as I must first challenge the 'most people' assertion before getting to a point where I can make my case. So, no, I don't know about 'most people'.

Yeah, I could dig it.

It's not as nice as some of the rooms in my local IKEA,
but then those aren't as nice as the ones that were in
my previously local IKEA.
Plenty of work done over the last two days, though, which is nice. Two sets of Year 11 essays, one of Year 10, one of Year 13 (plus their coursework) and a set and a bit of Year 12. Not bad. Not half bad. And a quick charge session today simply so that I'm not worrying about charging until Wednesday. Looking forward to it, actually, free coffee at IKEA until 9pm and about 3.1 miles distance to get there with about 40 mins charge time. Enough time to 'be' at IKEA. I'm thinking more and more that the advice to make it my happy place may well fare better than the woods where I used to live, and they were pretty groovy all told. Heh, all that and a meet up with another family for a Hallowe'en do (no dressing up, because reasons) last night. Can't complain. Would have liked to dress up though.

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