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Friday, 6 November 2015


Disturbing: I couldn't find a picture of a woman enjoying steak.
Women apparently aren't allowed to enjoy food unless it is
salad with wine. And then they must orgasm whilst eating.
Or look sad or ashamed with chocolate. Or salivate over raw
meat. What the Hell, internets?
I have had an ale that I reviewed on my phone, still no posts on the beer blog, and I have had a week at work in which I actually got things done. Marking is up to date, support-needing colleague is now in danger of not passing the year, not my fault, and that is being handled by me - hopefully well. Students are improving, especially in the areas where it matters most, and I had a lovely trip out to IKEA to charge the car and have tea. It really is a place to be happy. And the food is reasonably priced and tasty. Mind you, in having the beef I may as well have driven there in a tank for all the damage I did to the environment. Still, car charged. I have a long trip in it that will require charging en route for the first time next weekend. That's pretty exciting actually.

Oh, the ale, it was Mud City Stout by T. A. Sadler's and it was lovely. Obviously a stout, meaning deep and black and dark. Vanilla pods were used and that gave it nice edge. Combined with the dark malts and use of raw cocoa there was a cabinet sauvingnon style to it that I quite liked, almost Tia Maria. Worth what I paid for it (and it was the most expensive ale I've had in a while, been stock-piling it since mid-summer). Had it when I returned from IKEA, because why not?

The image isn't mine, because why would you chill a decent stout? Seems a tad wasteful of resources does that. Mind you, can't deny that I put it on the top shelf of my pantry to keep it out of the heat of the summer so I suppose I shouldn't be too snobby and rubbish about it.

On the whole, then, life is pretty good. No dressing and little faffing too. I blame swarmsim, but I would.

Ah yes, now the TMI after the line break.

I have spots on one hand that look like something warty developing. Given I wash regularly and with alcohol gel I have no idea - perhaps the cold has allowed my immune system to relent long enough for some dormant virus to rear up. Or sweat spots. My foot is also flaring up. I have mucus coming from my nose and a dry cough. Humiliatingly, I have had to ask Tilly to forego our planned coitus for the weekend. She shared that she wasn't feeling up to it either. So, well, that's probably a good thing. I suspect we shall now wait another month or so.

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