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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I just read the post again, this one, and then re-read what I just posted tonight (see previous post).

Am I...?

Am I, in fact, genderqueer? Is that me? I mean...

There's a word...

I said in the last post that, well, I'm not ready to be that. But... reading the post... Maybe I am. Yay?


Well, more likely, bugger. Now people will think I want to be some unique and individual snowflake when, actually, I'm much happier being anonymous. I'm much happier with no ego and Self to worry about, thank you very much. Shit. Also, I've read El Goonish Shive - a webcomic that other webcomics openly mocked back in 2001 when I first heard of it. A webcomic I promised myself I would never read on the basis of... some ill-defined reasons. Arse. I have become the sort of teenage twat I missed out on being when I was teenaged.


  1. You are who you are, and to a point, everyone is to some degree both male and female.

    As you mentioned in the previous post, the one part where most biological men are not in touch with a feminine perspective is in emotions and a way to let them out without either going insane in blocking them out or compromising themselves in their public life healthily.

    Throughout my life, I've been constantly told to "suck it up" both for physical and emotional pain, and don't let people see it, as they'll take it as a sign of weakness. In the past, I would just push it down until it exploded into a thousand directions, hitting mostly people that didn't deserve it. At least now, in my older wisdom phase, I can at least diffuse it quicker, and send it towards the person that should be receiving it.

    Blogs are an even better form of journaling, as not only do we get to work out our issues in a physical format that we can go back and read again, we can even get feedback from like minded individuals that can help us heal. I think the comics you posted here tonight give us the insight that our blogs do .. that we aren't alone and we aren't all independent thinkers. If we have 6 billion people walking this earth right now, that means a "one in a million" guy has 6000 (hope the math is correct!) people like him breathing the same air in meatspace.

    1. A welcome note of sanity to proceedings.

      I am torn, though, because (much like the subject in the comic) I do want to celebrate this. I also feel *exactly* what they say they feel at the end of the second strip. It is annoying because I clearly kinda knew in 2013. Hell, I've kinda known for a long time. In short - my ire is twinned: on the one hand I appear to be falling in with some trend and, on the other, why oh why did it take me so long to reach what ought to have been a rather obvious conclusion?

      One of 6,000 may still be too few, I'd sooner be 1 of 6,000,000 (using British billions, 'cos the billions on Earth are British milliards if I'm being pernickity). Or, you know, less confusingly: I take comfort from the fact I am not unique.

      Thank you.

    2. It's only been a rather obvious conclusion for the past couple of years or so. Before that, in our teenage years, when we needed it, it didn't really exist on anybody's radar. It existed, but nobody really knew until the Internet came along and gave us Robot Hugs. Robot Hugs is wonderful.

      The difference the past 20 years has made in terms of mental health awareness, support and public discourse has been astonishing. We can't fault ourselves for being teenagers in the Dark Ages.

    3. Agreed, but it's been around long enough that I ought to have been able to figure this out in, say, the last decade or so.

      And yes, yay for Robot Hugs!


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