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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Swarms and Myriads

It was darker, colder and less futurist looking, but that's about
the size of it. Plus an hour, in this case, to get some work done.
Interesting attack of the heebie jeebies this last twenty-four hours or so. Last night I charged our electric car and did some marking, which was good by and bye, and I returned home to do the pots and get myself ready for the following day. This was on the back of being on a trip that day (I really don't like trips) and missing doing the pots in the morning because I got up late (rapidly becoming the new normal). I woke at 3am, went back to sleep and next stirred at 6.37 - I was due in to work at 7.30 and it's a half hour drive in a morning.

Anyway, Tilly retired to bed whilst I washing the pots, I had barely seen her, and took the Boy in with her. Girlie is still sharing a bed with Tilly after breaking her wrist and I've been in the top bunk (as previously explained). This was done without saying goodnight. Come the morning, today, and I was up late again (so, the new normal) and managed to finish the pots from last night. I hadn't finished my marking and so I prepared a lunch-less day (I am putting on the pounds, I'm now 11st 7oz and counting) in which to actually work. This went fine until period 2, when I failed to work much, and then I had lunch anyway.

Yeah, that about sums it up.
The point is, I was down to the point I was at pretty constantly back when I started this blog. I was reminded at the start of the day that a colleague's thirtieth is coming up. Instantly we decided that the entire Faculty would head out on the Friday night (it's in May) and have a 'proper' do, families invited. My thirtieth was the day I learned that Tilly's depression was so bad I had to take a month off work (which I did) and ferry her back and forth to therapy for about six months or so (which I did gladly) and which ended with the argument in July a year later that started the events that led to this blog. I'm better now. I think Tilly is better now. But I am a poor human being and still, apparently, feel bitter that my own thirtieth was never celebrated (and nor has any birthday since - mostly at my instigation, granted, but still).

Despite my tone I am pretty sanguine about it. Why? I ascended my work-based swarm today and had about thirthy minutes of amusement getting as far as Neuroprophets in record time. I am easily pleased.

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