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Sunday, 4 October 2015

She's Electric

It really is this easy.

Also: great scarf, cardigan, wrist thingy combo.
We have taken delivery of an electric car. And I shall confess to range anxiety. Not because the car is inefficient, or because it doesn't do what I predicted, but because it is new and terrifying. Also, black butterflies.

The drive is lovely. It is silent, almost, but for the science fiction whine of induction coils spinning something in them and the slight whistle of extra power being given when accelerating or the noise of it all working in reverse as I slow down for the lights, for roundabouts or just for turns. It is, to all intents and purposes, a lovely piece of kit. Since buying it the nearest rapid charger has been out of action, but there's another nearby and that has been working just fine. We've driven 158 miles since Thursday (this is waaaaaay more than usual) and it's been mostly plain sailing.

Apparently reactions in the States are more positive.

Also, loving that blouse.
What I wasn't prepared for was the barrage of anger and hatred. At work, I had checked I could charge infrequently for no longer than an hour a pop during the holidays. I was given a non-committal yes. So, I tried it. I was angrily told on Friday morning, by the Head and the guy who originally said yes, that I should not do that - and I should never do it again. Later, the Head spoke to someone else I know about the subject of having a charge point and said "maybe we could earn the school some extra money" - which is... well, a bit terrifying. Fine going for cost, but for any appreciable profit you'd have to charge solely for making money (at about 20p per hour cost, and maybe less than that, they'd have to slap a ridiculous £1 on top for any actual profit from the enterprise). It threw me out, did that, and the response of other people who complained that my having an electric car was threatening to them. Wait, what?

Several people have said they hope I run out of range somewhere, others have said that I shall change back soon, and still more have suggested they would vandalise cars being charged on the pavement as they represent a hazard to other motorists. Staff have said that electric cars are more likely to cause collisions with pedestrians, more likely to cause accidents and are more likely to kill because they're silent. To say I am shocked is an understatement. I was prepared for some gentle ribbing and misunderstanding and confusion but not quite this level of... whatever it is.

A busy weekend has made me lazier.

I was out on Friday night at a quiz night that I'd been strong-armed into attending. I was in a team with no one else I knew. Spurned by people I did know (maximum of eight to a team) by dint of turning up at the same time as someone else. I... did not have fun. It was like being at a parents' evening but with two parents for two hours. I got home late. I also travelled over two days' worth of normal mileage in the process - a fact that would have been bad enough with my old car but, coupled with the lack of charging that morning (and the telling off), just made me paranoid. I charged on Saturday, but was up later than expected. A trip out to shop, then to a local sight of interest (where I learned my right foot is buggered by fungus, I scratched it and it bled profusely) and two aborted charges were fraying my nerves.

Did I mention how good I was, and apparently still am, at Megazone?

I am, apparently, very good. I was never that good at University, but it turns
out most people did not play this at University nor develop my fiendish tactic
of never standing still for any length of time whilst playing.

It was brilliant.
I had a night out that Saturday, it went better than Friday - it was at a Megazone. I had fun. I charged on the way home (18 mins, 48% charge, £1 bag of onion rings) and had a late night as a consequence. Today we had company. I bought an extension cable, I charged (1hr, 10% charge, £20 for the cable) and then shopped for lunch before picking up chips. Take the company for a drive (positive) and then home. Feed children, eat own tea, now ready for bed.

Yes, I suck at work. I still haven't done any of the things I should do. Bastard flappy butterflies. It shall be a busy return tomorrow. But an early night can't hurt, right?

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