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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

And now you're back, from outer space...

I've done that thing again. And I'm committing faux-pas by referencing it (however obliquely). Nevertheless, here I am.

Pictured: not something I actually looked at this last week.
Apparently I downloaded it sometime in 2012.

Interesting though?

Eh, probably not.
I have been a bit crap with work lately and part of that has been the result of, the rest the cause of, pootling about where I ought to know better than pootling. I'm not talking about commenting on blogs like Dee's, by the way, because that is something I ought to do more of and, mainly, is not part of my poor internet habits. No, I am talking of the rest of the places I visit like milovana and GetDare and the like. Because they are not good for me. Certainly not whilst trying, and failing, to get my head around Families and Households for work.

Despite preparing much data noodling in advance (and I can noodle data well) I am not attending to updates and changes as well as I should. Despite attending to my employee problems (and I'm historically poor at this) I am not marking like I ought. Throw in the late nights (never earlier than 11pm) and you have a heady mix. Oh, and coffee. I may have mentioned how I don't usually drink caffeine in the past, well, it effects me a lot. So a couple of coffees... Oh, and my back went on Sunday. It sort of... went. I couldn't move and it was pain. Anyway, that's going away now because I can wait (I think I covered this) and things like this go away if I wait long enough.

Ha ha, I'm not female, not in a chastity belt and Tilly doesn't
care enough to make the whole 'no sex' thing funny.

Or... something. Mini-depression, you make your own rules,
apparently. I may have read too many Cracked articles...
There are upsides. At least, maybe. Tilly reckons that, had I not thrown out my back, she would have been up for couple-y shenanigans of the bedtime variety - sex. Oh, but she has book-panic at full effect, so maybe not until after the deadline for that (end of October, sports fans!), but y'know, the back thing, that's a dampener on relations of the sexual kind. Hence part of the visits to faproulette and rollinfap (yes, these are actual places I seem to frequent now). Crushing mini-depression (so not the full-blown thing) has stymied my beer blog, nothing new there in ages despite having reviews stacked on my phone, and compounded the sleep problems - late to bed and late to rise (6.45 this morning! I can't even begin to tell you how crap that is!). The back thing did prevent badminton this week, which is crap, because I do precious little actual exercise. Did I mention the twat that destroyed the mirror on Vanessa making her illegal to drive? Still no word on the electric car either. So there is sad.

Not quite these boots, but near enough these boots.

Actually, looking at it, maybe these boots after all.
I also pulled my boots on, you know the ones, and ended up pulling the top off so they are no longer usable as well. That was galling given the insane lack of wear I have had from them. But I did see some walking boots with heels in a local charity shop for just over a fiver. I have agreed with myself that I shall buy them if they're there next week. Oh, and I went out to have actual beer in an actual pub on Saturday - which turned out to be a bit depressing all alone and without the compunction to review ale. I took no pictures, wrote no reviews and felt totally unfulfilled on the way home. Yay? I was out just under an hour.

At work I am finding actual work hard. I have two new courses to plan out, and I am doing poorly with both. I mean, at least the History based one is easy to bullshit my way through with enough understanding that the students aren't being failed by me - but the Sociology one is... well, it's not my forte. I'll have to actually, y'know, read and stuff. And, for the first time ever, my mind is teflon coated. Well, no, I did it with Frederick the Great and eighteenth century warfare back in my MA, and with my stuff on the Reivers for my BA dissertation... and politics in seventeenth century Europe... and my personal study at A Level... and... you know what, this seems to happen a lot with anything involving being out of my comfort zone. So, okay, not unusual, but bloody annoying.

Now, the whining:
Wah - can't parent.
Wah - Tilly more engrossed with book than me. And her writing buddy. And, well, pretty much anything else. Wah. Wah wah fucking wah.
Wah - tired.
Wah - bored.
Wah - beer brewing makes poor home-brew. Quelle surprise.

Now, off to find oddly specific porn.


  1. Not that you will follow this, but I find that using porn / sex as a reward for work is much better than using it for a distraction from work. "OK Dee! Just get done with these status reports, track down the replies so you can make the phone calls, scan the receipts, print out the weekly status reports about the status reports, then you can head home and do all kinds of twisted shit on the internet!" works really well for me. Your results may vary!

    1. That very much has been my approach in the past. It's rarely a distraction from work so much as a justification for calling myself names afterward.

      However, I now understand your ability to be prolific!

  2. It seems like everyone is going through a bit of a slump at the moment. It appears to be the season for it, particularly with the line of work we're in. It'll all be over by Christmas?

    1. Much like the World Wars, methinks. :)


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