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Friday, 22 May 2015

Pink Fog

Of course I'd wear it.

You know, thinking about it, I could probably
get away with the colour in a men's suit at
work given my reputation as an eccentric.
The pink fog descends. But this time it is slightly different to normal. We all know how it usually pans out: the desire to dress and the desire to dress in a particular way grows stronger and stronger, stress compounds it and, eventually, it is sated or it triggers a bout of depression that it cannot be sated. However, there is little to no stress either at home or at work at the moment. Equally, I am not at all certain that there shall be any opportunity to dress any time soon. I don't get up early enough in the morning to attempt it before the family get up (I've been sleeping in until 6.30am lately) and there's no chance of an evening.

Tilly isn't working in the spare room at the moment but she does go there to read and then come down to the kitchen or the living room to work on the laptop for a bit before going back up to read. In short, I would have to ask for the use of the spare room and one consequence of having a more healthy relationship at present is that I don't get to just wander off on my own no questions asked. Tilly would inquire why I needed privacy and would likely quibble my stated desire until I had to reveal my urge to cross-dress. Not sure she'd like that and I'm not sure I'm quite ready to talk about it as baldly as that.

Sharing is caring, I guess?
A friend of mine has shared something with me online of a very personal nature that took some bravery to admit and, more, to share. Given my awful habit of missing important life events of this friend, my teacher friend that I have spoken of previously, like his wedding and his anniversary, I am very touched that he would share with me anything of that nature. It does make me wonder if I ought to do the favour, as I have previously wondered, of sharing this place back. Kind of a prid pro quo of sharing I suppose.

In completely unrelated news I have been reading a lot about Mad Max: Fury Road. I wasn't all that fussed. I do have a soft spot for Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior because it used to feature in my teaching repertoire when covering the Cold War (along with Threads as it happens) and so I'd kept a weather eye on it, but had no hankering to see it on the big screen. If I may sound so rubbish, it was mainly down to the violence and raw nature of the films. Two things have changed my mind: the fact that I discovered George Miller directed Happy Feet (something of an ecological masterpiece) and Babe and also the fact that anti-feminists started to claim that Mad Max: Fury Road was a feminist action movie to be avoided. Some digging has shown that, yes, Miller is part of that Feminist group wishing to take over the world. Apparently. Whatever, it is looking more and more brilliant and I may have to go and see it on the big screen. Also, the music.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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