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Monday, 25 May 2015


Yeah, I was by a busy roundabout and thus unable to get out of
the car immediately, but my level of technical competence is
similar to that implied by this image.
My car broke. I suspect if Calvin reads this he'll be able to diagnose the problem easily enough but I am a bit useless when it comes to cars beyond the concepts involved. Anyway, I was driving out to get some compost, hence the car for a short journey, and the gears just stopped working. I called breakdown, they arrived and wiggled the gear lever and the gears came back, but then they went again. More wiggling. They were back, but felt very funny, and then we took it to a garage. It's a bank holiday here so the car has been in since late Saturday and won't be looked at until Tuesday.

Just in case there was any doubt as to my position on gay rights
and gay marriage as a Christian...
This has meant that things have been a bit crap. A debate online with some family about gay marriage (well, no, about the fining of a baker for being discriminatory to a gay marriage proponent who was gay) where they argued for the right to discriminate put me in a bit of a bad mood. Eurovision failed to lift the funk, my laptop was once again used to stream it through the telly and Tilly spent the night on the Twitter without really interacting with me. I attempted to use the tablet again but, like last time, it was a bit pants and I lost interest quickly. We were supposed to go and visit my brother's family yesterday but the distances involved required a car, which we didn't have, and their eldest was sick. Instead we went to the local park to ride bikes. Tilly managed to get our girlie riding a little bit without stabilisers (I got too frustrated to be of help) and the Boy and I did some riding about before going on swings. After lunch we stayed in.

In fairness, the hosts of Eurovision were a bit lacklustre.

I dunno, I get the feeling that they really didn't know what
to do with Conchita.
Today I got up late, like about 9am, having gone to bed earlier than Tilly (she was writing with her buddy again until gone 11pm). I mean, it was nice of Tilly to give me that time, but I was onto washing the pots, feeding the pet and then getting ready. Apparently this was too late as Tilly got progressively more grumpy and revealed that once it reached 10am and we hadn't done anything that she didn't really see the point in trying anything. She has thus retired to bed. The children are playing with Lego having watched the movie in the morning (Tilly was busy on her blog) and largely being self-regulating. For the first time in ages I don't have any work on either, which is nice, but it does lead me to feel a tad bored I guess. Tilly's assertion that nothing in walking distance is worth the walk there is a rehash of how it was where we used to live, and is disturbingly similar to things then in other ways (see Eurovision posts of old).

As always.
We were supposed to be meeting another family for a walk in the countryside with the chance to see stone circles but, obviously, this is a journey that cannot be made walking and no buses go from where we live to where we want to go. The other family has elected to continue with that plan, after all they want a day out as a family, rather than come over our way (can't say I blame them) and the local swimming baths were shut - which, apparently, was the only other option. It's like nothing has changed again.

In other news, I have looked into a new website, because why not I guess, and accepted the opportunity to use rope on my bits, which I have tried and realised that I'm going to need more rope (and thinner) to really do it properly. Not sure what that means about me, I tried it before having a bath because Tilly refuses to go anywhere near me or the bathroom when I'm having a bath. Which I guess is fine and normal. Of course, there's still no option for me to run off and do things like dressing as I would still have to justify the time to myself. And, with the car likely to cost considerable amounts to repair, I lack the funding to do anything clever like buy random clothing items. Or even snacks. Examining starts soon and that will pay most of the bills by topping up my salary but it won't do that until August, in the meantime I have arranged a bridging loan with my mother should it become necessary to pay for the car repairs. I'll find that out tomorrow.

Ugh, minutiae.

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