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Friday, 3 April 2015

Our Nation's Capital

I'd happily wear that costume.

Maybe a different mask. It wouldn't do to
be too scary. Mind you, may be better than
my beard.
There's been a holiday, to London, and it went well enough I feel. A bit disappointed that the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum were not well-received by my offspring, but that's about me more than them so what can you do? I have also come back and done some marking and thus made myself a little more depressed, in that way I do. In the process I have also discovered the changes due to be made to what I shall be teaching in 2017 and found that everything that I teach is gone. I'll have to start again. When I last started from scratch I was single, boring and spent every hour of every day for about three years making lessons and running from pillar to post. I can't do that again. I have a family. I am despondent.

I have read a blog post by someone I know in a roundabout way, she's self-published and has a family, moaning about having a family. This is someone who has published a book, two, and who admits to "not reading" because she hasn't got the time or the inclination. Her books, by the way, stink. I heard the Leaders' Debate on TV last night as Tilly watched it on her laptop and I sat away pootling about and this morning's coverage in the media makes me wonder if they saw the same thing I heard. I heard Cameron sound awful and entitled, Clegg sound poor and Miliband sound the best of the 'main three'. But I also heard Sturgeon sound the best, Bennett come a close second and both of them beat the males hands down. And I'm not saying that because they were women, I'm saying that because they seemed to know their stuff and be able to present it. Oh, Farage sounded racist, bigoted and a twat. Worryingly, many media outlets suggest he was seen as the best of the rest behind the Big Two of Cameron and Miliband. This is disturbing. Very disturbing. Especially as the constituency where I live had BNP come fourth in 2010 (Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dem, BNP, UKIP, Green). Oh dear.

Whilst in London I was the shopping bloke and fetched the lunch each morning (all of two mornings) from the local supermarket. This meant passing a display in the window of one retailer whose name I have now forgotten with some lovely yellow dresses. Yellow is clearly 'in' this spring and, as it was London, I am confident enough in that prediction to feel that I have nailed fashion. Or, you know, I would have done had I ever actually bought anything yellow. Mostly I buy what I can get for under a fiver and, it will come as no surprise, that doesn't leave a lot of choice.

Still, I did get a night out sampling ales in the capital and running about on the Underground - which I did find somewhat exhilarating. I do rather like the Underground, I do.

Guh, this is a poor entry, I'm quitting it now.

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