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Monday, 23 March 2015


Not me, nor any of my colleagues. I wouldn't mind
if I could pull this look off mind.
Since Valentines-ish things have been slow on here, I know. And there's a number of reasons for that. Firstly, my new job seems to have me at my busiest and most stressed around this time of year (though the amount of stress is significantly lower than the day-to-day stress at my old place). Secondly, I seem to have a larger group of friends and colleagues offline than I used to have, case in point was the fact that Saturday afternoon and evening was spent walking around a local town on a barcrawl with them and sampling the delights of local ales. This was a most pleasant way to spend a day and night. The Girlie is also deep into practice for her dance show and there are dress rehearsals on Sundays, meaning that Tilly and I have become ships that pass in the night again. She's off to see a play in London tomorrow evening, it has Greg Wise in it, and so I'm hoping to get the children to bed and maybe have an evening's indulgence. I shall try to get some pictures.

Since my last related news in the TMI section there has been nothing of that sort. Both children have had chickenpox and Tilly has entered another illness tunnel: cold, sore throat, sickness feelings, period, cold, cough and now migraines. We still embrace in bed and share some intimate moments but that is all. As usual, I'm waiting, not that I'm bitter.

LOL - Nope.
Huh, see, this is why I've not been posting. It would appear as though I have little new to say even when things are going well, generally, and certainly better than they were a year ago. So far, at any rate, we'll see if this continues. We're looking forward to our first family holiday since the summer of 2010 this Easter, a few days in London, and that's got to be a positive step in the right direction. One thing I know for sure is that I won't be carting cots and paraphernalia backwards and forwards for most of the holiday for a change - we're taking only what we can carry in rucksacks between us - and that should make it the kind of holiday that I can actually be involved in for a change. Not sure I'll get my hope for something intimate on a holiday, but a man can dream in the meantime.

Right now, that's all I have. Hope you are well, fair reader, and that you're not too stressed out.


  1. Still nice to get an update Mrs. I need to do likewise :o)

    1. Thank you, I hope things are calm and centred at your end! :)

    2. More like frenetic and non stop busy. Doing ok though, just don't feel on top of it - lots of things that are out of my control and moving slowly...

    3. I know what you mean. I mean, I'm happier now than I was, say two years ago, but there's still so much beyond our control.

      Just remember a mantra that propelled me through University and preparing for my current position: "we don't have to".

      Meta-physical hugs in your direction!



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