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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Musical Odyssey

In the spirit of this place I submit to you some music videos.

Have you ever wondered what My Humps would sound like as a melancholic reflection on the futility of using one's body to gain what you want in life? Did you ever wish it were still the 1990s and that indie artists who had played God in Dogma had sung the song? Then Alanis Morissette's version is just for you!

Then there is what turned up down that rabbit hole. First up is this lovely song called Kitchen Sink by Twenty | One | Pilots that os by turns haunting and emotional. I rather like this sort of electro synth that puts me in mind of the Pet Shop Boys and Needing/Forgetting by OkGo. It is rather well put together and the change in chords at the end had me sitting up and paying attention.

On that note, there is a new album by Blur due out. I rather like the direction that they've taken since Albarn's (sp) sojourn into opera but Tilly is less certain. I think this is a good track to introduce the sociological theory of Neo-Malthusianism (which, increasingly, I think is just dandy - but with a healthy does of Neo-Marxist critique to create what I actually subscribe to) but that may just be me. Yeah, it's likely just me.

After that, we're back with Twenty | One | Pilots for a cover version of the rather lovely Christina Perri Jar of Hearts which I played a lot over the summer. This is really, really reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys in Shopping or Home and I suspect that is a good thing. Also, gender switching the lyrics with the singer (think Rent if you like) is another staple of my musical taste so it should come as no surprise that I like this one.

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