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Monday, 30 March 2015

If we sleep together...

It is rather lovely though.
The last few days have been a tad confusing. I was out shopping and I saw this dress in yellow and I did think about owning it. I did not dress on the second evening that Tilly was taking the Girlie out to her show without the Boy and I watching and I missed that experience, which may explain why I snapped that accompanying photograph over there to remember the dress. I have also been reading the thoughts of others and have no idea how to respond. I have said before that I have no real desire to be a woman, I rather like my privilege and recognise it, and I would be a very poor woman in all senses of the word. Not to say I wouldn't embrace the opportunity to try it on for a while but, equally, I could never live it (any more than I live being a male either come to think of it). In short, I'm confused over more than gender so I'm privileged in that regard too.

But spending time with my wardrobe at my feet and doing nothing was interesting. Not least because I had a beer and then Tilly came home. She mentioned that it had been a while, which is odd, and then we commenced our evening once the children were asleep. We saw the change from 1am to 2am as part of BST - we're later than the USA - and I ruminated on the fact that I had not planned it and had assumed that there would be no action, thus making it harder for me to complete. More to the point, it was Tilly who raised how long it had been and not me. I'm not complaining. Just commenting on it.

We start a holiday tomorrow for the first time since the Boy was very small. The last holiday was cut short by a vomiting bug that I picked up, but only after it refused to budge in two days, and Tilly and I slept in separate rooms. It was very much a mark of the nadir we had reached that we did that and Tilly was happier with it. Since then, we have stayed in hotels to visit people, sharing a bed but not actually space, and we have maintained very separate habits - the last time I spent most of the evening in the bar reading a new book and playing games on one of the devices we took with us. Tilly spent it sleeping. In fairness, the bar was her suggestion.

We shall see, I suppose, we shall see.

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