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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Yes. Yes, this is how I have felt today.

It won't last. But I'm enjoying it whilst it
I took that trip today. There was no crisis. There was no recrimination or complaint or misunderstandings or any of the stuff that plagued me back in my last job. Instead I was complimented on my level of organisation, the smooth running of the trip and the flexibility in dealing with some pretty bad traffic on the way there so that no time was wasted and everyone got what they needed from it. Given the nature of the trip and the importance of time for the students going it was a knife-edge call and any waste would have ruined my reputation and the chances of repeating it. Instead, through a serendipitous replacement of my ultimate superior with the person in charge of authorising trips (and a notorious stickler for bureaucracy) I was complimented on the meticulous nature of the data for the trip and the impact on students. I got a clean bill of health and I suspect this trip will now become a regular annual feature. This is excellent news.

On the coach I was reading through some material for coursework standards that included example scripts and commentary from 2013. It happened to include two scripts from my old boss at my last place. The one that told me I knew nothing about standards for coursework and how to maintain marks. She was marked down on both scripts by such a level that all candidates had their work marked down, we got a snotty letter and results were destroyed for that year. Did I mention she blamed it on me before I left with the backing of another member of staff? Ha ha ha! No, seriously, I have the last laugh here and that was completely unexpected. I also had the pleasure of seeing that my own approaches and standards seem to match the exam board's - which is nice as I was never trained by them on this, I just picked it up - and that is just the icing on a very satisfying cake.

Yes, this is close to last night.
Last night Tilly held me close all night too. Grasping my arms to stop me from rolling away. I'll admit that I kinda liked that part. She was totally asleep and doesn't remember it like that, but I'm not going to complain. It was lovely, despite my wired state and the fact I was up at silly times for no reason, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I've taken the evening off in celebration. I'll pay for this in time later, but, for now, I don't feel that I shall be punished tomorrow. How different this is to my last place of work, to my relationship even a year ago. If I didn't already believe in an Imaginary Friend Who Created the Universe, I'd be tempted to. As it stands, I shall thank Him or Her Upstairs for a wonderful day and get an early night. I shan't risk a beer as I've been a bit dehydrated for a couple of days and alcohol won't exactly improve that. Friday. Friday is beer time!

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