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Sunday, 1 March 2015

First Law!

Did you catch that?

Have you noticed how happiness is always a summer thing?
I'm not complaining, just pointing out the trope in the image.

Yes, most of those confused dreams have been like the one
reported yesterday.

Is that bad? I'm thinking that's bad.
As if it's not been obvious, my dreams have been a little more confusing of late and that is partly down to the way my life has been. There's a meltdown at work that is not me, and I am coping with it and providing more support than I ever received when it was me - and I'm keeping the Department running and getting better at the same time. This has not gone unnoticed but there is a small amount of stress at my end as it feels so much like my life used to be. Then there's a trip to a museum back where I used to live from the place I now work that is causing no small amount of anxiety - it should go well and be a positive experience for all concerned (and I have my ultimate superior aboard so it should be even easier) but there's always a worry, I've kind of gambled my reputation on getting it to go!

This is a library picture image of a boy with chickenpox.
This boy is also, apparently, five. But, eh, close enough.
At home, the Boy has had chickenpox for the week and so the family has been shut in and unable to go out properly. On Saturday this meant that our usual Daddy/Boy adventure into town wasn't a fixture and so I didn't get my little fill from leafing through charity shop bargain rails of women's clothing as I passed to keep me going. But this week has thrown up other things that may or may not be of note.

Last night was a first. A genuine actual first. In that, and I don't know how to put this politely without feeling like I'm kissing and telling. If you've read the posts here you'll know that I hesitate to blare everything I do from the proverbial rooftops, indeed, even here I tend to be quite private about my life beyond the confines set by this blog. While I can be open and detailed about arguments, my mental state, the clothes that I choose to wear and enjoy, even my fantasies from time to time - I am less open and honest with what goes on outside that. I can talk ad nauseam about the situation in my marriage, usually after a line break, and drop huge lyrical beer reviews from time to time on here but I am more circumspect about other things.

So, this gets a TMI and a line break. Here. If you don't really want to go any further just note my slightly breathless tone and smile. Yes, I am smiling. And that should really say everything without any specifics.

Yes, this was the follow up. Surely I don't have to explain
why I enjoyed the experience so much?

She finished by the by.
And I am okay with that.
Well, I received for the first time in my life. That is, I did my best to guide and to praise and to be an active part of proceedings but, ultimately, I received. Okay, I didn't finish and that was with added inducement through manual application by both parties, but I actually received. And you know what? It was really very nice indeed. It was... it was just really very nice. I really enjoyed it. Given it was the first time for us both there was much more of a natural feel to it than the actual act all that time ago in Oxford. No pressure, not from me and not from Tilly, and it was lovely. If ever we undertake that action sans protection and I do finish, I am so happy with the idea of a kiss immediately afterward - we kissed last night straight from her below and it was wildly passionate. I... I cannot begin to describe it.

In short? I'm happy. It looks as though life may be moving in a direction and at a pace that I can emulate the title of this blog a little more often.


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