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Friday, 27 March 2015

Castles in the Sky

So, like, wow, I can't, even, like, go there!

This just feels... well, like me.
Look at those sleeves!
Tell me why / do we build castles in the sky / I don't know why

There is a castle in the clouds / I like to go there in my sleep

It's been a bonkers few days. Today was the last day of term and we had a trip out - you know how I feel about running trips - and that actually went very well. All the staff were agreed that it was a pleasant day and the students seemed to get a great deal from it in terms of notes for their coursework and also just from being out and about. Maybe a bit long, could have done with a greater pace, but the concept worked well and I look forward to a repeat of it on one level, even if it was coffee that got me through it - caffeine and I are a poor combination.

In that, I get all hyped up and energetic and bombastic and then, afterwards, get this massive come-down headache. I am going to have to partake of a beer tonight for that reason alone. Something girly methinks. If there's such a thing.

There you go, my entire femme wardrobe fits in a single
cardboard box. Well, and a hanger in the actual wardrobe.
I did not dress on Tuesday, you may have noticed, and instead took an early night. I stacked a post here rambling about songs and stuff and then just went to bed. Sorry about that. I didn't dress last night because Tilly and I decided to watch three episodes of Game of Thrones together - finally catching up with everyone else was about a year ago, but meh, it wasn't a bad way to spend an evening. Tonight, Tilly and the Girlie are out as the Girlie is doing another dance show. The Boy and I will be watching the final performance on Sunday and tonight is the first performance. This means that, now that the Boy is abed, there is opportunity to dress. I thought I would do things a little differently and brought my entire wardrobe downstairs for a change. Looking at it is a mixture of conflicting feelings. However, chiefly, I must remark on how small it has become over the years. Of course, there's still a great deal of choice that usually renders me incapable of wearing just one outfit of an evening but we'll see where I end up with that.

Yeah, like this!

Question is: am I the one with the knife or the one hiding
behind the water cooler?

Is there someone behind that cooler?
I have also noticed that my propensity for subterfuge and lying has surfaced again at work. I think I have balanced things well enough not to arouse suspicion or lose any allies but these acts are getting harder and harder to maintain. Worse, one of my managers has congratulated me on being "honest and straight talking" in my dealings with people, meaning that I tend to get leeway that most people do not get in things like trips, administration and such. This is nothing terrible or likely to lose me my job but it is a little odd being seen positively whilst not being entirely honest myself. A stark contrast to my days in my previous job. Also, I am apparently embroiled in politics as "honest broker" and seen by all sides as someone who is on their side. Either they are all terribly naive about politics or I am. Hmm.

Playing with my unnatural hair.
In dressing tonight (my fave photo of the evening is the title photo) I found that the wig has an extra setting where it gets more firmly tethered to my head! That means that I can be a bit rougher with the hair and try to keep it out of my face. It's an oddly nice feeling, I think I like hair that falls past my ears, it's just getting to that point that has proved so insurmountably irritating in the past. I probably don't have long like this though, I suspect the show will be over in an hour. Feels nice though. I've stuffed a bra under all of this and it was a heck of an effort zipping up the dress, really presses my chest. I like that. Of course I do, I'm not a real female who would be hurt by that. Also, apparently the Boy is still abroad. Hmm. Time to finish for the evening methinks. Enjoyable but short lived.

That could easily be a sub-heading to any entry on here about my cross-dressing escapades come to think of it. One of the most pleasing things about this, however, is the fact that I am able to wear my boots again without pain! Yay!

I can never get a decent picture of this!
More photos follow the line-break.

Twirling hair

No beard

Giving it sass in slippers

Like, I could not even

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