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Friday, 20 February 2015

Good News (for once)

Think Pharrell Williams's best known hit I guess.

It's rare that I say happy things on here (check the tags) so here is a positive update of things that have happened in the past week, in no particular order but numbered because I like numbering things:

Yes, the teaching and pastoral
style suggested by this actually.
1. I was told by three separate colleagues that I would be a good candidate for a pastoral position that's opened up as I am a disciplinarian who the students feel is approachable; that is, I can be the 'bastard at the top' but students recognise me as a reasonable man who will help people in need. I'm not saying I agree, but boy is it nice to have the smoke blown that way!

2. It has been a week of fire-fighting with a flaky newb and plenty of issues being thrown up - it's my favourite form of management! I think I've said it before, but I like being able to sort things out for other people quickly and in a way that makes them feel valued and their day just a little bit easier. They don't have to say thank you, indeed they can even still decide they hate me, so long as their day is actually improved. There's been a lot of that this week, and I like that kind of work.

3. Thanks to a good friend, Leslie, sending a well-worded e-mail I was able to have a proper chat with Tilly on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It's still too early to draw any last conclusions but things have been more positive and she seems much happier generally. This, in turn, has made me much happier too. I wouldn't say we're out of the woods yet but I would say that we may have heard the noise of a brook (hopefully leading to a river) nearby that may offer a guide out of them!

4. This site: here; and their jackets. They are just rather lovely, don't you think?

5. TG hypnosis captions. Nuff said.

Eh, close enough to a curtsy!

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