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Saturday, 28 February 2015


Yeah, dreaming like this.
I woke up this morning, next to the Boy who has chickenpox who we carried in to our bed, and Tilly sometime before the sun came up. I have no clue what woke me. However, being in a semi-waking state and then falling back to sleep meant that I remembered my following dream, which was strange enough that it bears some posting here, methinks.

I'd had a lovely ale the night before and Tilly and I had snuggled to watch the fourth season of Game of Thrones together. Not the whole thing, just a single episode, before she had retired to write with her buddy and I'd decided to go to bed early. I'll admit that our relationship remains on my mind and that moves have been made but not as far or as many as I would have anticipated. Still, the situation at work where a newb is slowly coming unstuck and thus requiring lots of extra effort, cover and work on my part has done a good enough job of preventing too much introspection. I must assume that this is, in part, part of the plan of my favourite Imaginary Friend Who Created the Universe. Anyway, yes, the point is that it had been a pleasant evening and I hadn't done any work, for whatever that is worth. A Chinese take out had been had and I was tuckered out.

Actually, having written the dream in question out, it probably counts as a fantasy so, in the fashion of this blog and my promise to you about such things, I shall hide it behind a line-break.

Shaving one's legs
The dream included someone on whom I had a crush at University. She was older than me, still is, and was always being chased by others of my friends for whom I pretended to step aside. I mean, I did step aside, and pretended that if they hadn't been chasing her then I would have had a chance. I doubt it very much that I actually did. She was a bit adventurous, to me, though in those days you must remember that I had only had one relationship that had gone as far as kissing with tongues and dry humping in the whole year of us being together, so pretty much anything would have seemed adventurous and exotic. She was a proper woman though - very pretty, self-assured, intelligent (and that's in reverse order of importance). She was also a proper woman in that she didn't shave her arms (and why would she?). I have no clue about her legs, I guess not. Oftentimes she gained the cruel addition of 'Wookie' to her name by people that had dated her and that she had spurned.

One of my favourite captions.
In my dream I asked her out. She agreed. It was still University, it was my second year. She turned out to be pretty domme, of course, and preferred me to shave my legs and armpits etc but not her. Of course, in my dream, I did that. And she liked to spank. I liked to be spanked. She bought me a very feminine pendant that had space for two pictures - which she supplied: one of her and one of me in a yellow dress - and we dated whilst I went to do my MA and she moved to London. Once I moved in with her I became a house-husband and she would strap me to the bed to be spanked, sometimes forgetting to unstrap me as she fell asleep. It was this diorama that stayed in my mind when I woke.

I suspect that's infidelity or something.

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