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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Is anyone else getting a message about blogs being made private on 23 March if they have any sexual content of a "certain type" or "certain types" of nude pictures on them?

I'm struggling a bit, anyone know if mine counts?

UPDATE: Yes, it's on all blogger sites. I'm probably affected. I have downloaded my content and, if the blog goes 'private', I am happy to invite anyone who wishes to view - not sure how I can do that, beyond posting my e-mail address here, which I will do before 23 March.

My new blog address will be over at Wordpress, under the same title and with the same url but with wordpress rather than blogspot after the 'happinessv1' moniker. I've also updated my name from Joanna Atkins to Joanna Cale - after all, I am married. It amuses me and probably no one else.

But... yes, this move is worrisome.

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