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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Working 9 to 5

I ended up having to put her in the recovery position.

Delirious and babbling slightly, luckily first aid people arrived
and I could get on with sorting the students, clearing the room
and fetching lucozade at her request. I can fetch lucozade.
It's all gone Pete Tong. My new newb collapsed today and needed to be taken home, this is down to stress. Heavy handed knee-jerk reactions from my bosses (not my immediate boss) undermined what little confidence she had left and it got to her. But this is far from a clear-cut thing. The current moves, over my head and without my blessing, have done no more than hasten the inevitable or, perhaps, ruin the attempt to forestall it and rebuild my newb's confidence. Marking hasn't been done properly since starting, no planning was done in the run up to the new year (as in, September) and thus she found herself three months behind with no help. Assurances that she was catching up from her are lies and she refused any and all help from the rest of the Department. Today revealed the extent of the avoidance in the basics, but her lessons remain top-notch. She'd even started using the lessons on file to help her and prevent running herself ragged making everything new. It would have taken more work yet, but we could have done it for her. Now...

She looks like she's on top of her marking.

I'd trade.
I inadvertantly walked in on her husband and her getting ready to go. The pent-up anger and hatred of the school emanating from her husband was palpable. He blames the school for her ill-health. And, given my nobbish bursting in, I have become the avatar on which he will focus that hatred. I am, after all, her immediate boss.

It meant a rushed and harried afternoon and then an evening rallying support troops to ask advice, confirm my suspicions and create the atmosphere I need to support my newb whilst surreptitiously lessening her workload - doing so in such a way that she won't feel undermined and shit. That's hard work, and I'm just barely treading water at the moment as it is (two exam classes will do that at mock examination time and with two papers to mark). Don't get me wrong, regular readers know that I thrive on adrenaline in situations like these, but it is hard work. With the senior leaders jumping at shadows for unknown reasons this could be an interesting few days. I hope my newb follows advice and stays off tomorrow...

Or her, I'd trade with her.

In other news, relevant to our interests, there was this article.

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