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Friday, 2 January 2015

Ooh! Suits You!

Not a bad suit, see, but there were no
trousers left. And wearing the jacket with
non-matching trousers made me look...

Well, like me.

I made a cardinal error yesterday in going out to buy myself a new suit. My father and his wife had sent money towards, at my request, a new suit in which to teach. My last new suit was bought in 2007 for a new job and it was a lovely one but is now very much showing its age, which you would expect. Factor in the fact that I have gone up from a 32" waist to a 34" waist and you have the fact that I can't even wear this very old suit as the trousers no longer fit. The fact that it is pin-striped means that the jacket can't really be worn with plain black trousers. So, I have to fallback on a suit from 2003 for the jacket and that is very much showing its age now. My newest suit, if I can call it that, was picked up from a vintage store for the princely sum of £20 and was made in 1947. It's a brilliant suit, to be sure, but on its own it cannot carry my wardrobe. So, time for a new suit.

To this end I wandered to the shopping centres of the nearest big city to where we live. This, in itself, was something of a selfish action that I announced without preamble after our visitors had left. To her credit Tilly said it was fine and off I went with my Christmas money and some extra cash cobbled together from various sources. I spent time wandering trying to find a Next store and failed, then found it right next (ha) door to Debenhams, my original target. I rapidly discovered that full new suits at full price were totally beyond my price range, beginning at £99 for shiny and shitty ones and then cresting to about £150 for something that I would like to wear. Ha ha, of course.

I really, honestly, would rather I
could find something like this.

The racks were full. Women, it
appears do not buy suits in Boxing Day
In Next I found some rather nice jackets but they did not fit my much fatter frame. I have gone from a 36" chest through 38" to 40" L. Right. Some of the better fitting jackets were actually 42" R. Blimey. It explains why my existing suits don't hang right, certainly, and why the buttons have taken something of a pounding. Alas, being me, I have come long after the Boxing Day sales and, as a consequence, they have been picked through. By an hour in I was looking for trousers first and then at anything that might be the same shade at all. All that did was to bring out how much the trousers and the jackets do not match. This wouldn't be so bad for casual wear but for a Head of Department in teaching I suspect that much comment would be made and much merriment made at my expense. I am not good at that game and tend to get nasty when it's played. Ergo, no go. I also looked like a complete idiot in Debenhams asking if a jacket I liked had matching trousers to be told with a smile, but a tone that left me in no doubt about my idiocy, that it was a sport's jacket and not a suit jacket.

I came home after wasting two hours in selfish pursuit of a suit, a type of clothing I loathe, through traffic to screaming children, no work done (my work that is, of course, I had been out 'shopping') and nothing to show for the waste of fuel and time. Great. I think that about sums up what I think about 2015 so far.


  1. Oh man... I'm sorry that you have to wear a suit for work. I've only owned two suits. One for graduation from high school, and one purchased in 2006 for several funerals. The last one also worked for several interviews. I should probably get another one as my 'newer' one doesn't fit all that well any longer (it's actually too big now). But then again, I can't think of the next time I'll actually need one.

    Good luck on finding one. The only suggestion I could make is get a neutral colored suit. That way you can mix up the color of shirts and ties and make it different.

    1. Good advice. I find black suits work with pretty much anything and I've good experiences with a plain blue one and a black pinstripe one (my newest suit until yesterday, but sadly the trousers no longer fit).

      I also hate suits. But I lack the wherewithal to truly buck the trend and fight the system.

      Mind you, I now have a brown suit, so there's that. :)

    2. How 'dressy' do you really need to be? Could you pull of a dress shirt and tie with a nice pair of slacks? Maybe even dress it up with a nice vest?

    3. I teach. So a suit, or something very close, is a must for 'professionalism'. No idea what slacks are, to be honest, it's not a term I've heard a lot but for US usage. :) I have some smart trousers that aren't suit trousers and some actual lined suit trousers. One of my jackets is a 'sport' jacket - but the sport is probably pheasant shooting rather than soccer or rugby.

      Also, vests in the UK have a history of being worn by loafers and ne'er-do-wells, so seeing you suggest it in conjunction with a suit is amusing. :)


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