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Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year Listings

It's time for another post about stuff at the New Year in a vain attempt to try and repay the kindness done to me by others in this here virtual realm. Here, in real life, we had Sierra and Pik over for New Year again. She is pregnant again but, after the miscarriage last time, remains cautious so there are no celebrations just yet. If all goes according to plan they will see the child in August. The elephant in the room for me was thus very much the sexlessness. Tilly has been seen and scanned in a multitude of ways and there's nothing that can be seen anywhere. A consultation with a urologist suggests that this happens from time to time in women as young as my wife and that there's nothing to be done. It could last a week, a month, a year or for the remainder of her life and it'll hurt, he said, and that is a pain. So... not life-threatening but potentially life altering. I'm sure that my training for this moment will be helpful in some way. Maybe not.

So, people who have paid me kindness. This year the top spot goes unquestionably to Rhiannon, whose own journey has progressed so far in a year in which she has had to show such courage and face up to things that I am sure she would rather not have to. The fact is that she has faced up to them and she is making headway and she is doing so despite the pain it causes in order for a brighter tomorrow for everyone concerned. It's inspiring and it is hard for her and she needs supporting. So, if you have any spare time or compassion lying around be sure to shoot it her way. As, amongst all of that, she has found time to say supportive and nice things in return.

Secondly there remains my good friend from across the pond in the form of Leslie-Ann, who remains sensible and erudite and ready to offer the hard word in a soft couching. My thanks and gratitude are as nothing for another year but one day I shall have to make the trip and do something, anything, to show how much she has helped.

Terri remains a wonderful human being, despite what she sometimes may think on her blog. She has provided me with interest and, lately, positively avalanched content that is thought-provoking, thoughtful and just good to read on an evening. For that alone she deserves much in the way of thanks and traffic. Also, the continuing good advice from Calvin and Dee cannot go unmentioned. Although Calvin is pretty much divorced from the blogging world these days he pops back to review his work at his captioning site and to occasionally share his life in other ways. He has also provided much in the way of challenging, honest and thoughtful responses to some of my random musings on here without much in return, and for that he must be thanked. Dee, of course, just remains Dee which is more than many people can claim. Always serious beneath the fun and fun beneath the seriousness, she's like a goth Pinkie Pie and has, as you probably know, an excellent caption blog that is worth a visit.

As ever there are the plethora of wonderful places that keep me going (and less wonderful ones) such as Stana's Femulate and the discussions there. Oh to have posted a photo that I was proud of there! Of course, I wouldn't really be able to because even the ones I like lack my face. That may be why I like them so.

Other places remain Fictionmania, mcstories, GetDare, Milovana and, lately, Ms Cassandra's Playground.

All images are, as usual, people I would not mind being.


  1. Honestly Joanna, the feeling is very much mutual. I don't know how you find the time, strength and courage to continue to offer so much support and sage insight when you are facing such a challenging situation yourself. As ever, it is really appreciated and I look forward to sharing in your journey in 2015.

    Take care lovely,
    Rhi x

  2. I love when you pop by my blog and vice versa.

    And I haven't seen My Little Pony, but my roomie's favorite is Pinkie Pie so I guess I can take that as a compliment!

    1. I need to pop by others' blogs more often than I do! And maybe even take part in one of your DIY things...

      In the meantime, very much my phrase of the moment, I pass on to you a link to see Pinkie Pie: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1hug9s_my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-episode-83-maud-pie_fun

      It's a recent one, so she's been a tad Flanderised but you get the basics. It's meant as a compliment!

    2. OK... Pinky Pie (even a goth one) is like Dee Dee, while Maud is like Deementia. And is it just me, or would cousin Maud and Eeyore make a wonderful couple?

    3. If either of them could be made to hang around each other long enough to become a couple: then yes!

  3. Aww... thanks for including me Joanna. But honest, it's you who deserves thanks. Thanks for sharing aspects of your life with us even when we don't comment or participate all that often. I find it wonderful to come by every so often and 'catch up' with a good friend.


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