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Sunday, 18 January 2015


We watched just under an hour of Secretary before Tilly declared it "abuse and bullying", decried the scene as "degrading" and then roundly condemned the premise, the film and the entire set-up as being "made to titillate" - which is, apparently, a bad thing. It was "disgusting" and she "expected better".

So, the chances of trying to explain my position grow slimmer. I kinda knew that would happen.


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    1. I should have known better.

      I am beginning to believe that my hope that we could learn to love each other's sexuality was not only naive but also potentially poisonous. People such as me ought not to marry, but section myself off from romantic entanglements.

    2. No! People 'such as you'? I'm not really sure what that means, but surely everyone who wants a partner deserves to get one that chimes with their likes and desires. The question is whether we are brave enough to change what we have and to continue to search...??

    3. Possibly. I'm not good at the concept of 'deserves'. It would be nice if people could get partners that chimed perfectly. My view on it used to be that no one could initially but that partners that loved one another would learn to accommodate one another.

      However, increasingly, I am viewing my sexual mores as being primarily selfish and out of the ordinary. Those I see that are successful in the kind of sexual relations that I appear to hanker for tend to be polyamorous, have open marriages or aren't married at all. Furthermore, those into the more 'adventurous' aspects of love-making seem to belong to societies and circles that I have never managed to find in real life.
      Bravery is the right word.
      Thank you.


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