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Sunday, 25 January 2015


The photo does not do it justice. Also, no top.
Too cold for the floaty blouse or the short sleeve
red top.
I said I would talk about dressing when I had the time and the inclination. I have both now.

On Saturday I was marking whilst Tilly took the children out. I felt bad, but I thought I would indulge. I dug out my twirly blue skirt and put on my purple tights and pink knickers underneath. I sat and marked for a bit, then perused some sites on the internets and got myself off. I felt bad about that, after all, we were planning sex that night and I didn't want it to take so long that Tilly felt inadequate or that it was a chore for her trying to make sure I finished. But, I reasoned, it wasn't as if I was doing immediately beforehand and I would recover quickly enough.

Besides, the skirt felt lovely after all this time (last worn in September 2013) and the tights were good attire in the cold. Even so, I got changed after twenty minutes as I was certain that they were due home soon. In the end I had another hour and a half, but better safe than sorry, eh? Happiest moments since wearing that purple dress I bought myself.

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