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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Called It

Easy. We live it. I've had lots of practice.

Too tired to talk about sex, let alone do it. Early night. Snuggling to watch a TV show was also out, the TV show was about to show a death and it was too sad, so now she's gone to bed to read.

I was feeling guilty about dressing to mark whilst Tilly was out with the children to see a play at the theatre. I don't feel guilty any more. I shall post about that another night when I have more time and inclination. Right now I'm too disappointed. But, hey, I kinda called this and suspected it would happen. Had she been writing and this tired, or even working on her book, I suspect she'd have soldiered through. I'm not denying that she's tired, nor that she's not still suffering the after-effects of her time in hospital but, as she has often said: "you make time and space for what you want to do."

And time and space is never made for us being together or sex. I think I have as close to an answer as I am likely to ever get.

Uninspired, uninspired, uninspired, uninspired, uninspired, uninspired, uninspired, uninspired.

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