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Friday, 23 January 2015

Arm and Hammer

Remember, kids, women are only ever disappointed in the
bedroom and then look constipated.
Disappointing news today that the announced "end to Page 3" in the Sun in the UK (part of the paper that shows young women with breasts out and mocks the idea that women have opinions [news in briefs indeed]) was, in fact, just a sham. More disappointed that many male commentators have said things that suggest this is a victory for free speech in the wake of attacks on Charlie Hebdo, which kind of deliberately misses the point, trivialises the situation and cause, and remains deeply misogynistic.

Also, work was fun, but high-adrenaline and high-stress. I know I like that, but it does mean I am unable to carry out everything I would like to have done. Meh.

Three bloody units? Ouch. Worth it though.
And my arm, the one with the balloon hand from a sporting injury, has started going cold and numb if I bend it for long periods. This is not good. I suspect bone fragments trapping nerves and/or veins. I ought to get me to an A&E department (or something) to see if something can be done. But a cast will mean I can't get to work... Oh, and my car has been recalled, I really ought to have that seen to as well. And shelves. Tilly has acquired shelves and is struggling to find a space for them to go as they need to go up this weekend. This relayed about two hours ago. O-kay. Right.

I had a beer, I'd care but I don't.

In the saga of the sexless marriage we may see action tomorrow and we may not. Yay for sex maps? Probably not. I don't even know what I actually want, what is just fantasy and what might get me divorced.

Have a gay love song twixt Eminem and Dr Dre from 2011.

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