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Monday, 15 December 2014

Sweet Harmony

I love this song! Just rediscovered Sweet Harmony by The Beloved and realised that it could be rather rude. Here I thought it was all about Green politics and environmentalism and freedom in the early 90s and it could well have been about sex. Well, there you go.

In other news, we had a meal out my colleagues and I and I had the first Secret Santa in which I got anything even remotely close to something I'd like. It's a bowler hat with a light bulb atop it. I think it rocks. But I would because I am curious and strange. And now I have a headache and it's late, so that's probably it for a brief update. Tilly's kidneys are getting worse again. Something's up, and will likely be so for a while yet. I'd moan, but I suspect that she has the worst of it.

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