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Saturday, 27 December 2014


I would love to wear this ensemble.

No reason. Just I would. There's a pink dress, size 12
in a charity shop. I saw it today whilst out for ale
and it was £9. So tempted. If I thought I'd get any
chance to wear it...
It snowed last night. It has stayed today and I was too weak willed to go out and attempt to make a snowman for my daughter. One point to note is that, although there was some melt and plenty of ice, no one had attempted to destroy the snowman in the nearby grass common. Quite the contrary, it looks as though it was hastily constructed the night before during the snowfall, possibly after our children went to bed. Did I mention how much I love the place we live and how much nicer it is than where we used to live?

In other news, I have imbibed more ale, at lunch time, and cooked tea. It was pork steak with plenty of herbs and spices because I can't leave well alone when cooking pork. It was a reminder of those early months after Tilly first moved in, except with children. They'd been out in the snow earlier too, together, and their different ways of dealing with it were quite funny. She went out and was impractical, leaving a mess as she got out the toys she wanted to play with; he initially went out with three toys, immediately brought one back in as he didn't "av enuff 'ands!" then came back with a second: "the 'and in my sleeve is cold and I can't hold the green one." Then proceeded to tidy up his sister's mess before heading back out. They both had a whale of a time.

Well, I was entertained.
Anyway, yes, tea. Neither child appreciated the food but Tilly did manage to eat it all. She has also resumed research for her book, so that's positive. Not sure that she's feeling any better though. Another early night last night and long lie in this morning suggests that there's no change anywhere else. She did manage to get out to the library today to take back some late library books (I have only ever had one late library book, I don't know how she can do that) and head into a shop or two with the Girlie but, after that, she was pretty much wiped out.

Still, both children are still having fun, the snow means I can't get into work right yet, but I will. Tomorrow we have some of my friends from Uni coming over, less a couple due to an illness that seems very similar to Tilly's - though interestingly the other sufferer (from the States) seems able to maintain an upright position, work and interact romantically with her husband (that's romantically, not sexually). Tilly could barely muster the wherewithal to write a card that didn't go off on tangents. There hasn't been anything romantic in written format from Tilly since before she was pregnant with the Girlie come to think of it.

I'm sure I had a point somewhere around here but I appear to have lost it...

I'm sure I left it around here somewhere...

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