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Monday, 1 December 2014

Over the Hills and Far Away

So, you see Dougal, though these cows look like the cows in the field the difference is that these cows are small, but the ones in the field are faaaaaar away. Small. Faaaaaar away.

I have been keeping track of the events in Ferguson, of the politics surrounding Obama's daughters, the furore that built and built around the GamerGate attacks, the anarchic streets organisations, occupy, Hong Kong... and I have been a keyboard warrior, a slacktivist and an observer. History paints me in its likeness and I work around the edges.

Those who plan for after the revolution are the reactionaries.

I keep listening to Scroobius Pip and Watsky! and Pet Shop Boys and nothing changes. Not in me, not in the music, not in the lyrics, not in what I do for a living, not in the fact that I haven't cross-dressed in so long, not in the fact that Tilly remains ill, not in the fact that when she's done...

Tilly got a book deal. She will gain an advance to write a book in nine months, or thereabouts, and she will receive a piddly amount of royalties from the deal. But she will be published, in print. She will have achieved and be living the dream; her dream. My dream. And she will stress and she will work at it in a way that I know I do not, have not, can not. And that work will take the time in the morning, the children the day and the evening lost to writing, blogging, networking. Over time we will return to where we were. But she will be right to do so. She will need to do so to research and write her book. I will take a back seat, encouraging, supporting but in the back seat.


This is not the post I expected to write...

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