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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Death in Vegas

An electro artiste, but a bloody good image.

Back at University I felt terribly 'out-there' and 'edgy' when I bought the CD single of Aisha and discovered that I could play the video from it on my computer. Keep in mind that this was a stage in my life when I was still fascinated like a newly pubescent teenager with the garb of Leeloo in The Fifth Element. However, there was some electro stylings in that song that I don't believe that I fully appreciated back then, and now that I have randomly come across them on youtube, I am finding that they are very much my jam. Of course, the mood I am in at the moment means that this must be shared! Aisha! I'm VI-brating!

Close enough to me over the last few nights.
Tilly remains twingey following the kidney infection, it's very likely that she has stones and so that will likely take surgery. She has an unerring and unnerving habit of having the worse of any two scenarios presented except when she believes that the worse scenario is likely. This means it's been over a month since the act was last undertaken and last discussed. It is likely to be another month yet before there are any more discussions. After my session of cyber two nights back I think I am more frustrated than normal. But that's my issue, not hers. She's also bought herself a laptop with the advance money from her publishing contract, as one would with a broken netbook, and I am irrationally annoyed at that. Probably because my examining money, the nearest thing to her publishing contract, was spent on fixing the car and family stuff. I shouldn't complain, some £350 will be spent on research - books, access to documents and archives - for her book. It's hardly a money-making enterprise but that was never the point.

In the meantime I shall feel more guilty than before about essentially cheating through the medium of the internet and ruminate on the fact that Tilly is beginning to natter aimlessly and without end like her mother does. Is this a function of my mood regarding sexual frustration or is it a cause of the frustration that I am interpreting as being sexual?

Whatever it is, I have worn a pair of knickers today because, again, we have no dry underwear for me. Plenty of socks for a change but no boxers - they're all still wet. The main bedroom is covered in mould, that I shall have to kill this weekend, and some moves have been made to clean the floors. I haven't made a new lesson in about seven weeks now and am slipping into that lazy mode of working that I despise but find it hard to rouse myself from. The Boy was ill last night and so he slept in with me again. Alas, he woke Tilly this morning after I got up to get ready for work, so I was grumped and grizzled at by Tilly 'til I left.

I have lost the point of this post.

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