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Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day

No post on Christmas day? Failed to save properly and lost your intro? Gah! I shan't try again. Instead, here's the short version!

The children enjoyed the day immensely, even if it was mainly Daddy on duty all day. He played with his not-quite-Lego-but-passable fire station, car track set, alien meteorite thing (sand moulded to a shape, dig out the parts of an alien), wooden train extras and squiggly worms game; she played with her magic clip dolls, incessantly and manically, and merriment was had. Tilly snoozed, dozed, served lunch, went to bed, had a bath, snoozed, watched Dylan Moran (not new) on DVD and then we went to bed early. Not a bad day by any stretch but slightly perturbing as Tilly kept looking up her symptoms and they could point to cancer (though I'm pretty sure anything can do that).

On the previous evening I had been to my father's sixtieth, about which I must have rambled previously, and it was nice but it meant a short night before the Day itself. Luckily, my children gave me the greatest gift of all: a lie in. There now follows a brace of beer reviews to hide the TMI after the line break.

Firstly twas the turn of Yule Love It because it wasn't so bad last year and I rather like me some Thwaites and it seemed rude not to. The colour was like last year, chestnutty and deep, with a nose that packed a little of the mulled spices from last year but, this year, was more along the line of light fruitiness. Not a little unlike some orange liqueur that my mother used to drink back in the day, but faintly. There was a bitterness again, but not as strong as I remembered it. Poured well, decent enough head that frothed and then hung about but at a much reduced rate of bubbling - for which I was glad - and the coloration seemed lighter when compared to the photo I used last year (not mine). First sip was nice enough, good smack of malt over some reduced hops (I blame the fact that I've had far more hoppy ales this year than last) and some bitterness down the sides. It did manage to fill the mouth without too much trouble and I can't complain at that. A moderate fizz over the tongue and then it settled in to the long wind down to the bittering aftertaste. Last year I claimed there was a creamy finish to it, and that remains true, but it is nowhere near as much as I remembered - either through being a different batch or else through the fact that I've had many more ales in proper pubs this year. Either way, it wasn't bad, I'm glad I had it and I think, as Christmas-themed ales go, it does quite well. Indeed, it set me up for quite the evening.

Secondly, for it came second, there was the Snowman's Revenge which had been vaguely threatening me since about November down at our local supermarket. I did wonder how it was that they came to have such a Christmas themed ale so early in the year (last year they all appeared en masse after the season was over) but was glad that it turned up in my festive presents from the children. Bless 'em, they know how to make their Daddy happy. There are other ales too for me to try and I am looking forward to them. Enough! On with this one! Yes, it opened with barely a hiss and poured in a gloopy way, the kitchen has been rather cold of late, but with no head at all (and I tried). Colour was deep and ruby, as promised, but the nose was bitter and with a faint blackberry edge to it. I wondered straight away if it were off, and the lack of carbonation does seem to bear out a potential failing on this score. Sure enough, the first taste was thin and without too much character. It manages to fill the mouth, sure enough, it's not missing any components; they're just... well, I am slightly disappointed is all. No, I think I must have a bad bottle here, reluctant to blame the ale as a whole after others I've had from Wentworth. No... wait, that's Wadworth. Oh, well, maybe I'll blame the ale. Very disappointing.

I shall be finishing with a delightful home-made vodka from one of Tilly's friends. It is blackberry and absolutely lip-smacking delicious! Not the best brace of ales that I have had, but the Yule Love It does take the evening by a long way and is not a terrible tipple. Onward to the New Year and more interesting ales!

What's the TMI?

May as well offer some distraction
from the train wreck over there on the

Well, I suppose I should just get it out there. While dressed and Tilly was in hospital I used the vibrator I bought her and tried to see what the fuss was all about for anal. I was unimpressed, it did not 'do it' for me and just made me concerned about poo-ing for a few days. That's not so bad, I did ensure that it was well cleaned (as was I) before and afterward so there's no danger of infection or anything (which would be deeply ironic and crap given what's happened since it was last used).

I also started talking, before Tilly went into hospital, with someone online. They have ramped up the conversation quite a bit and knowing that I am male, and that I am a CD, and that they are male, have asked me out for a drink. Ah-hah. Riiiiiight. Not that this is unsafe in anyway. I haven't been back since. Thing is, the site it happened, there's been more than a few nice comments about the pics I have posted there. One must assume that it is either a known pick-up site (and it may be, I remain hopelessly naive on such things) or that... No, it's the former.

Thing is, now that I have a plan Omega and Tilly is no better (and with no signs of getting any better) my mindset has shifted. There is an 'after' that wasn't there before. Nagging. Pernicious. Dangerous.

At my father's birthday do my brother had made a DVD of his life (at the request of my father's wife) and he'd done a good job of pulling together a number of photos. They provided a good set of memories and I was surprised at how many I had not seen at all or not seen in a long time. And how powerful the memories they brought back were. And how long my father's affair with his current wife had gone on for (there were hints that I suspect my brother was aware of but my father and his wife may not have been). And I thought back on how often Tilly has accused me of being just like my father and how she worries that I will get 'bored' and disengage with the family. And I shivered in my father's over-warm house. And it has stayed with me.

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