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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Just to keep you all abreast of the news: Tilly's UTI from a fortnight or so ago is the culprit. She took some antibiotics to deal with it and they caused side effects (she gets side effects from pretty much anything) so she declared herself better and stopped the course. Sure enough, there were a few days (she's now expanded it to five) where all seemed well. But the UTI spread to her kidneys and that resulted in the drama of Sunday morning.

Now... well, it's not life-threatening. It may be stones and an operation but it may not be and Tilly has a course of antibiotics that she must stick to in an effort to finally kill off the infection. It may lead to stomach issues afterward (killing off bacteria like this will inevitably result in collateral damage) but live yoghurt ought to help deal with that. In short, rumours of her death are massively exaggerated.

Upshot? Happiness on one level, obviously, she's not going to die. Bone-tiredness on another. Loss of sleep Sunday followed by a gruelling day looking after the children, a little bit knocked off centre by the shock, and then again on Monday morning - where Tilly was adamant that nothing had improved so I stayed back on standby lest she need taking to the hospital, but then she decided she was fine. We ended up having a discussion about the situation with parenting and she said we weren't on the same page (I can pick my times!). Anyway, yes, you are now fully updated.


  1. Thank you for the update Joanna, we've been thinking of you :o) x


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