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Sunday, 16 November 2014


It's been a beer-y weekend. I went out to a pub, detailed yesterday, and had some of the home-brew with Tilly's friend last night after posting. She seemed to like it, raspberry and all, which was nice. Today has been a very very lazy day (and yesterday was too) with the Boy with a cold and the Girlie shattered after the trip to London. Tilly went shopping, then I went shopping, and I made a curry I really liked. And whilst out, I saw this:

Oh, just realised you can see me in there.

I think it's absolutely lovely. At £22 it's a lovely price too. It's the sort of style that Tilly says she hates on her (here I must shrug) and likely the sort of dress that I, too, would regret owning. Kinda like my denim skirt that really isn't flattering. Mind you, I can't say anything feminine I own really flatters me, you know?

Ah, a nothing post.

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