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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Last Words?

So, I love the dotty old NHS. It is one of the few things about which I can get patriotic and be proud of being British for.

Tilly may have a kidney infection. She may have had it since that Monday. It may not have been a UTI. Tonight she woke at 1am, then called me through from the other room at 3.30am. I was sleeping elsewhere as she hates company when in pain, gave her the space to toss and turn. Anyway, we rang and after some frustrations we got an ambulance. First responder preceded them by a good half hour and he was a good fellow. Likelihood is that Tilly is very ill and probably needs something drastic. It may also be appendix based and that's more than likely surgery.

Being in the UK it's free. Our insurance, if you will, is paid in taxes. Big government regulation can be awesome. Also cheaper. And more cost effective. Objectively.

And I don't want my recent posts to be the most recent writings about my wife.

Because I love her. She is talented, brave, clever and beautiful. She cares deeply for our children, she is fond of me in a way no other member of the opposite sex has been for as long as she has managed. She's on the cusp of a book deal because she can live her dreams in a way few people are brave enough to be able to do. And our children are a credit to her and the way in which she has chosen to parent. Being a stay-at-home mother means that everything they are is primarily down to her and what she has chosen to do with them. The Boy's stability and the fact he behaves the way he does, hiding possible spectrum-y tendencies to the uninitiated, is her success. The Girlie's belief in herself, wild abandon and dancing are down to the encouragement and support offered by Tilly. That both of our children can read, write and do basic maths is down to Tilly. Tilly is, and always has been, amazing.

Everything else is noise.


  1. Hope she is getting better Joanna - my thoughts are with you both. Its amazing what illness makes you realise and where your true priorities lay.
    Keep us posted, take care lovely,
    Rhi x

    1. She is now, thank you Rhi!

      And yes, illnesses and mini-panics do have a habit of clarifying things on one level. I'm not saying that this means my concerns are groundless, but I am saying that, in the grand scheme of things, my wife's health is more important. :)

      Thanks again,



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