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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Do ya think...

If ya want mah boh-di, an' ya think I'm sexy, you have got ta let me know...

So, it's been over a week since I last posted and I have been silent as the grave. Well, okay, more like six days.

I'm a First World War buff. And a bore about it. It's been a
hundred years. Let's hope the memory actually helps us
move to a point where we're no longer adding names to
monuments like this, by actually tackling the root causes of
violence rather than 'standing up to it' once it's started.
It's been a good week, all told. I have given some assemblies about Remembrance to bodies of 650 students and 210 students respectively, and that was bloody terrifying. I think I enjoyed it though. I liked dressing up (I was only wearing a wool suit) and I liked performing. Because that's what it was, a performance. I put on my role as teacher and I acted it. Most liberating. They also garnered notice from my bosses, all of it positive, and lots of staff seemed to like what I did and how I went about it. It's nice to have compliments. I think I got my point (that remembering those who died in war is important but how, what and why is up to the students) across well enough. We'll see.

From Albania. Our classrooms aren't this nice. We ate in
a classroom. It wasn't as glamorous. One of my colleagues
is the sort of woman I wished I looked liked though.
There was some social time too. I played football again and did not break myself in any way. I even scored two goals. This was unheard of. And there was a random lunch where everyone descended on our Department and ate together. That was really nice, very welcome, and I didn't even feel awkward and stupid. Hurrah! And the normal Friday breakfast for the whole Faculty went ahead nicely.

I still haven't managed to cross-dress and, though the Monday went well, there was still disconnect in the activities (perhaps unsurprising given the paucity of those occasions and the previous disinterest of Tilly in them). I think I managed to make a decent impression, but it may also have resulted in a UTI for Tilly. Which figures. Nothing since then, there were plans for a repeat on Monday coming but the UTI may put paid to that. Then it'll be period again. I may have to bed down for another long wait. At least the pink thing from here got some use.

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