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Monday, 17 November 2014

Cook With Fire

I have just fried green tomatoes in tinned tomato juice (left over from a veggie curry yesterday, not used) pepper, lemon juice and the remains of some raspberry beer with sausages.
So, it's cakes rather than my meal. So what. I'd happily look
like that.

It tasted rather nice, if I may say so: the lemon juice nicely balanced the sweetness of the raspberry flavoured beer (home brewed and now finished) from the bottom of the bottle in which it had conditioned. The pepper, ground and black, nicely offset the locally bought and locally made sausages. I feel sufficiently middle class and entitled to further point out that the green tomatoes were grown in our own garden too. Harvested yesterday. I am rather pleased with myself.

They did look not a little unlike this.

Being neither cook nor terribly technically minded I have no images to share of this momentous event in which girly-man cooked with fire with reckless abandon. Only the music it was cooked to:

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