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Friday, 10 October 2014

Two days

I wouldn't mind knowing. You know? I mean, it's no
cake-walk. I get that. But I'd like to know.

I'm weird, I know.
Realising that I haven't dressed and that I have little opportunity to go the full nine yards at home, I was feeling morose. And then, yesterday morning, I was out of boxer shorts. Again. And not deliberately either. So, obviously, I plumbed for my briefs and then found a pad that I'd squirreled away at some point. Naturally, I've worn both yesterday and today. Now I have boxers again. I shall return to wearing them.

I have also watched some documentaries that Grayson Perry has done on Channel 4 oD. And he is not what I had assumed. I now suspect that his use of 'tranny' was playing into the role that the interviewer cast him in, he was gently mocking the interviewer. Because these documentaries (a series of three, called In the Best possible Taste) show Perry to be adroit at intuiting culture and outlook in social situations. He is terrifyingly quick and open to anyone and their point of view. The matter-of-fact way that he cross-dresses means that people sort of take him at face value, the same way that they take him when he is not cross-dressed (which seems more often). In other words, he's so at peace with what he does that no one really has a chance to take him at any other level than theirs. He doesn't alter his voice, he tends not to stand out, and he doesn't play act at all. He's simply the same as he is when not dressed but, well, dressed. I think my previous article about him may well have done him a disservice.

Struggling to keep up at work again, getting tired, mainly worried that depression may be stalking in the wings. Tilly's birthday is coming up. Doubt she'll want anything more romantic or 'couple-y' than... well, whatever it is we have at the moment. Nothing new to report on that since the last conversation. Why would there be?

It's a short entry tonight.

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