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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Just a video

I shan't keep you. I'm just posting a video.

It seems pretty appropriate to things. And, well, it's a halfway decent song. Enjoy?

On another note, I am increasingly coming to the opinion that cis gender males who are transvestites are not terribly sought after by cis gender females. Or, put another way with less white male tears (they are the tastiest), I'm rather thinking that my adolescent musings on this subject were closer to the truth than I realised. I am not the sort of person that is wanted by the sort of people that I would want in return. My own outlook and feelings on the matter preclude the possibility of having other options too.

My Mad-Ex summed it up rather well: although my clothing choices and sexual mores would suggest that I am interesting almost everything about me is boring - so that fringe is out, they really don't want the Man, the Default-Man that I represent. My first girlfriend showed that my own devotion to Christianity is lacking for the devout Christian (or my other aspects are too much for those who wish for a simple and uncomplicated life). My wife shows that I am not particularly sought after by the more level-headed or intelligent crowd (I should point out this only works for high-level distinctions of intelligence, all of my three relationships have been with very intelligent women by most normal measures and the fact I can draw any distinctions at all is a good method of showing my own intellectual snobbery).

Goodness me, I am incapable of easily written sentences. I am not the sort of man that the sort of women I find attractive are interested in. This has been well shown multiple times in my life. Tilly has just proven that I can fuck it up with someone who starts out attracted too.

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