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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Human Again

Ah, playing nice.
It's been a week since the last post and nothing much has changed. There's lots of 'playing nice' and not a lot else. I don't know that I can bring myself to have the discussion again, that is, to spell out what it is that I want. Especially because I'm not sure what it is that I want myself.

My mother visits today and the hour has gone back. It should be 'fun' as she's said she wants to go and paint pottery. I already know how this will go down; Tilly and I will be on duty looking after our children painting pottery and my mother will sit and have a tea in the coffee shop and call it a good time out. We'll have to go out for lunch, at somewhere we've never been (Tilly and I don't eat out) and my mother will tut at our children not sitting still at the table or eating their meals slowly (if at all).

Last night we went to a firework display, it was a really good one too, plenty of big rockets and a pretty awesome bonfire. My Boy and I were watching them together and Tilly watched after the Girlie with our company for the evening.

It was a bit like this one.
A couple with their own children. The younger boy and ours don't really get one (he's a bit physical and wild and our Boy is terrified of him) and the elder girl, older than ours, is okay but a bit given to loudness. The wife is sexless, like me, and the husband doesn't really care about it (hence the sexlessness). Anyway, on the way back, our Girlie had a blow-up and did her usual. Luckily the fact that she was so tired meant that she ended up asleep easily enough. Tilly and I ended up sat together - she fell asleep on the sofa and I had a beer and some cheap noodles.

In bed we attempted to snuggle but my left arm is still weak and I had to break it up later on. And it wasn't as comforting as you might imagine, it was actually pretty depressing - we were in contact for so long and there was nothing from her at all. I got some faint stirrings, but she kept perfectly still in my arms. Nothing. When I had to move, I apologised but there was no movement on her part of keep anything going, she turned over and, I assume, went to sleep whilst I ruminated for a bit. And, come morning, that hurts a little.

This morning, the Girlie was watching this
on DVD - a routine for when Tilly stays in

I'm sorry, this place isn't doing a terribly good job of living up to the title.

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