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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Whispered Aside

Either, or both, it doesn't matter.
I have been fascinated by the mesolithic and pre-Conquest angland all summer but for different reasons. The pre-Conquest stuff is down to the equality of the genders and the relative freedom from interference enjoyed by the vast majority of society in that political and social system. All the more fascinating as the cultural shift brought about by the Normans led to inevitable friction - and yet the continental system with women as property and land ownership and reliance on agriculture based on crops rather than herding prevailed. The quality of life was reduced, the productivity and basic health of individuals declined more ferociously and then we hit industrialisation. Mesolithic society seems to have lived in as close to a paradise as can be imagined, with relatively little work needed to gather and maintain food stocks and a way of life that seems to have left plenty of time for contemplation, copulation and oral culture. We're still learning much about this but, in particular, the end of the land-mass known as Doggerland meant that those on modern Britain maintained a way of life closer to that enjoyed pre-inundation of what is now the North Sea whereas those on the continent gradually shifted to agriculture and the lower standard of living that this entailed (and increasingly harder work for those attempting to grow things).

This is a Viking, but they lived in the north
of angland long enough to stop being
ingengas, so it'll count.
All of this is, essentially, my pub-quiz style knowledge based on the smattering of reading over the last few weeks (and a bit before then too). Th reason I spurt it all out in one long pile of guff here is because some chat bot left a comment on a post from November of last year. But what I found fascinating was the choice of obviously cut and pasted text that it left, and so I share this quote:

"This suggests two different waves of immigrations betwixt the two cultures, ere The Iron Age Hallstatt and La Tene cultures (probably during the exodus of some Pelasgian peoples fleeing The Aegean in the 2nd century B."

I have no idea what this actually means (there are two other equally impenetrable sentences) but the fact that it fits with some of the reading in the physical world that I have done lately is bizarre. No way ad profiles can be created by stuff I've picked up and browsed in second-hand bookshops, but there you have it.

In other news, I have started back at work today with my two new members of staff and my existing newb from last year. I am hoping that this will allow us to work together and do some pretty nifty things, maybe even hit our grade targets (Ha!), but we shall see. They seem like nice people with plenty of good (and insane) ideas, and that's the kind of mix I like to see. Also, the new digs are looking alright and despite the poor showing of my Department in results we haven't been unduly pressured yet. It will come, I know it will come, but I'm enjoying the meantime and the chance to try and do better this year under my own steam. Even if my stress levels are rising (but it's a different kind of stress, more like last year but without the negativity surrounding being separated from my family).

Eh, it's a warrior-style curtsey.

Alas, we have as guest and so the chances to dress are zero again. If the past be any indicator I can also assert that there is no chance that Tilly and I will resume physical intimacy either. Her pronouncements (rare) on this have been tinged with disgust about the act and about the necessity of it - that is, she doesn't seem to think it warrants any attention or importance and does not seem to comprehend why I "go on about it" so much. 'Cos, y'know, mentioning it three times in six weeks is 'going on about it' and 'talking about nothing else'. Sigh.

My newb has split from her husband because they have drifted apart - mainly he wanted a traditional wife and she wanted to be herself after having a child. In essence, my newb wants what Tilly has and a husband to support her doing it. And the sex is something she considers a loss to her and was never something that was a problem. It's kinda depressing because this isn't the first time I've spoken to a woman who, independently and without me sharing anything of my situation, talks about wanting their partners to act like I do and still have sex.

Yeah, I don't know where I'm going here either, so I'll stop.

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