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Monday, 22 September 2014

Ain't That The Truth

Tilly suggested that I embrace my sock-puppet life and use it to find support and help for my issues. On another forum I was talking with someone about being in a sexless marriage and, bless their heart, they were trying to be helpful. It is fairly prominent on the profile I have there that I am a cross-dresser. It came up.

They didn't know. Conversation politely, but firmly, ended.


I'm not proud of myself. Again.

How can accepting myself ever be of any use when no one else wants to do that? I mean, it's easy to do in the anonymity of the intertubes to some extent, especially when a blog like this fits into the community of bloggers dedicated to GID, cross-dressing and gender experimentation. In real life this sort of thing just plays less well. As my conversation partner put it: "I could be your friend, but I could never be your lover (not that you were asking)." Yes. I think she hit the nail on the head.

And that's the rub. My issues stem from that.

If that is the real me, how can anyone ever love the real me?

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