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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Running in Stone Circles

You know, if I could look even half as apologetic I doubt I would
have half the issues I do!

It's been a full week. I must apologise for the unplanned long absence, not least because it means that I've been away from other people's blogs for the commenting as well. Mainly this has been down, as you probably guessed, to the nature of the last post and attempting to get past it. Let me do so in my usual style, long and circuitously.

See, you can see the allure of these things, right?
Stone circles. They pop up all around the UK and much is made of them by people styling themselves Druids or Pagan. They have stones that handily match the rising and the setting of the sun on different days of the year, marking key events in both the lunar and solar calendars. This causes much excitement - how did the people that built them work that one out (except, presumably, by observation and recording before erecting the circles themselves) and mystery surrounds the reasons for their construction. The most famous of these is, obviously, Stonehenge in Wiltshire, though this is important for reasons that are different from its fame. Most people feel that it must be the biggest or the oldest or the most mysterious of the Bronze Age and Neolithic monuments but it is none of these. What makes Stonehenge set apart from the rest is, in fact, the artistry in its construction. The trilithons are actually a representation of no trees. Let me explain that better: most circles of the Neolithic are made of wood, using huge trees that would have been more common then than now. Most of the trees we now see in the UK would be mere saplings compared to the mega-dendros that would have been used in the construction of henges and enclosures like Durrington Wells for example.

Oh, why not. A modern interpretation
of the Victorian image of the Druids
who were vaguely referenced by the
There is evidence that suggests that these circles would have served as locations for great feasts and that, every now and again, they were burned down. The lack of disturbance seems to suggest that this was done in a premeditated fashion too. Other, earthen, henges suggest some relationship between life and love. So, in this landscape, the trilitons of Stonehenge outline the shape of a tree that is no longer there - a sign of death and the impermanence of life. That seems more important than the reason for the fame. Biggest stones, by the by, are in Avebury, which is much larger and much older than Stonehenge and significantly more mysterious when you consider that the society that built it was hoarding antlers for up to five thousand years before it was constructed - the antlers were broken and abandoned on the site in huge numbers too.

Why this impromptu history lesson? Well, we had a visitor recently. The Boy's godmother who is from Belgium and an old friend of Tilly's. Part of the reason for my recent absence is her visit and the other part is being sucked back into marking (and I can't complain because I am being very well paid for this extra work). She is a decent person and has realised that I am rather taken with beers - this means that she brings beer for me when she comes as a present (which is rather nice of her, I must say) and she joined me in beer tasting recently too. Don't worry, I shan't post it here!

This is Urra Moor in Yorkshire.

I do believe that the moors of the UK are awesome
 and I have seen so very few of them!
Anyway, whilst she was here we visited a moor with some stone circles and had a decent walk with the children. It was a pleasant day out and indicative of things recently. Then we ended up in a Victorian spa town where I volunteered to look after the kiddlies whilst Tilly and our guest headed off to a clothes shop or two and had a look at some hippy things. All things considered it was a good day out where we had some fun as a family and as component units of a family. Tilly has bought many new books (I consider myself to have too much of a backlog to be getting any more lately) and has started her new blog in earnest. She is networking well on social media, her blog is getting noticed and she is building a reading base for her novel when she completes it, as well as the expectation that will drive her to complete it in the first place so that it can be published. Despite some of my more antagonistic posts, I do want her to succeed and will support her writing her novel.

I actually identify with the male for once.
So what? Well, the detente continues. We are hugging and kissing, still not on the lips very much and not at her instigation, and we are touching more when in bed. There are still many evenings where we are in different rooms, but she has her work and I have mine so that's... expected? We have watched a few films and we have spent some time close in public but things are moving slowly. The last blow up hasn't lasted and we have both tried harder. I still doubt that we shall be going much further any time soon, for a whole host of reasons, and I know that we have a long road ahead. When there is an opportunity I know that at present I am still aiming for couples counselling but, for now, things continue mainly positively, if slowly.

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