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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Rapping Things Up

This is just a random post because I can and because I had a rather nice ale this evening (Mr Trotter's Great British Chestnut Ale in case you're wondering, from Lancaster in the UK, I believe that there is a website from which you can order it too, but I shan't review it here) and because I read an intriguing recommendation on Dee's blog about rappers.

Her name is Azelia Banks and I have not heard her
rap yet, but hey, why not.

As has probably been obvious for a while now, I seem to have found myself listening to rap stuff and enjoying it. I realise that, as rap goes, what I enjoy is pretty softcore and vanilla, but it is sufficiently different (or not, YMMV) from my usual fayre that it has me thinking about it. So, without further ado, I shall bring the recommendation of Scroobius Pip, who seems rather good, to a narrower and smaller audience than that reached by Dee herself.

This particular video I found by accident when I copied the link wrongly and had to search for the Scroobius Pip himself. At first it was so-so but clever, like beat poetry, which is something I do and have always enjoyed. There's something about the natural rhythm of the words that he chooses and the poetry of the moment that seems he never even loses. Beat poetry does that, taking half-rhymes and internal rhymes and demi and semi rhymes to make clear the signs to the state of the times. Anyway, that came first, then he starts playing with his medium and his words all in one go and finally he plays with the video itself and starts making references to one of my favourite shows from my youth Quantum Leap. I shall come clean and say that, yes, I did enjoy the ones where Sam was leaped into a woman the most (no, seriously, I did) and there was always some Feminist moral in there too. I'd argue that this was one of the most influential things I watched besides Secret of the Sword, the He-Man film that introduced She-Ra. Anyway, yes, the references pretty much sold it to me more than the messing with the time line of the video and the burning of stuff because he can.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it, and searched him out. I wasn't really too up on British Rap, but knew of him from Sage Francis and his record label, which also features B. Dolan, another collaborator of Scroobius Pip. I'm not a huge fan of rap, but I do like the more underground stuff that will rap over discordant things like heavy metal samples and folk guitar. For me, its all about the word flow, and how it conveys a message, bringing you along for a ride. As a lyricist, I love when someone can craft a small subset of words into something dynamic and involving.

    I am pretty sure you are right about the beat poetry element. There was a big poetry slam scene around here (New England) that Sage among others dabbled in, but he also beat Eminem in the 1998 Scribble Jam too. For the ultimate Sage Francis song, you'd probably want to look up, "Makeshift Patriot" which he wrote and recorded within 8 days of the events of 9/11.

    1. I think I shall do that, thank you.

      I think 'flow' may well be what I was trying to explain. Luckily, as a lyricist, you were able to discern what I meant!

  2. I really enjoyed the two sentences where you were rapping. Very nice, and not overplayed.

    I, too, loved those few Quantum Leap episodes where Sam had to be a woman for a few days. I still remember my heart pounding, imagining myself in his situation.

    1. Thank you!

      I am beaming that you noticed.

      And yes, there was something in those episodes.


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