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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Article goodness

That's not a bad look.
I have a longer post about recent days planned, but a long journey (5 hours in the heat on UK motorways) and some dodgy fish (belching ahoy) have conspired to render me incapable of long winded typing tonight. No, it's an early night after some interesting dreams and thoughts. And, on the note of interesting things, this article came to light, it may be of interest to the people that stop by here.

I find it fascinating because it confirms my thoughts (and online experience having 'Joanna-time on social media) with actual statistical analysis. And, also, seems to explain why most people view transgender issues through the lens of social panic - because men change to women! But this is actually less likely than women changing to men. MTFs get more publicity, and much of it negative, because of the institutionalised prejudice toward women in society - why would a man deliberately give up power and privilege? That must be suspicious and scary.

The article is here: ARTICLE

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