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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Random Aside

In order to add some content here I have to share something. Now, it's not my usual fare, and it's not a fantasy either. However, I shall categorise it as such because of its nature.

I refer, of course, to spanking.

Of course.

No prizes for guessing which I'd like to identify with more.
As long as I have known that I have kinks and as long as I have known that they can be sexual, I have had something of a fascination for bondage, as I have spoken about elsewhere on this blog already. However, another aspect of this has been spanking. Now, I should, in the interests of full disclosure, point out that I was subject to smacks as a child for punishment. They were not pleasant but they were in no way sexual either. They were physical assault, nothing more and nothing less. Now, I realise the terms I have used here are full of negative connotations but I want to avoid them, a little. Obviously, if I didn't want them at all I would have used different terms. Point is, I recognise that they are not what I would like to do to my own children but, at the same time, I do not rank them as anything other than 'things that happened' as a child. I do not believe that they have shaped me particularly in any particular direction.

Points for implement choice.
However, 'pon puberty I recognised that sexual spanking, for 'tis a different thing, had some fascination for me. I did experiment briefly but never went too far because... well, actually I don't know. Probably the same reason that I didn't dress for many years. Anyway, the other night I was dared to spank myself by a stranger online. Of course that is exactly what I did, Tilly was out with the Girlie and the Boy was asleep. Given the events of the past month or so I guess I was feeling devil-may-care. I found a hairbrush and let rip.

The oddest thing? It really was very exciting, sexually. I didn't really leave a mark or any lasting damage (though I was pretty hard, certainly not 'easy') and there's been no lasting effects that I can discern (psychosematically (sp?) I can tell I did it but there's nothing there at all). I find myself wanting to try it again. As there's next to no chance of anything even remotely sexual from Tilly, and likely won't be for the foreseeable future if ever again, I probably will.

I was never subject to corner time as a child.
This is an entirely new concept for me.

Well, there you go.

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