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Monday, 16 June 2014

Pictures of Me

No, not this one. That first picture isn't me, I just don't think going all out in the first bit is good. The pictures of me I post for purely selfish reasons and they follow the line break. They were all taken on my phone camera and all relate to dressing undertaken during the latest exam marking.

It's been a birthday recently and it has been an odd experience. Most of it took place whilst I was at work and my efforts to take part in any of it at all were the subject of much argument the night before - I say argument, more irritation and anger directed at me, I'm not good at direct confrontation and was too tired for my usual passive aggression. Long story short, I got to take part in some birthday shenanigans but cards and the bulk of presents were done in my absence and, despite being back earlier tonight, I just got to help in the bedtime routine with little birthday cheer.

Coming after a day away at an examination meeting after which I didn't really see the children (or my wife) this has left me feeling a little bruised.

So, I think I've said before about my recent adventures on GetDare. Well, I got involved on there whilst marking online and it prompted me to restart dressing. I mean, my time was very short and there wasn't much I could do to avoid being discovered, which did dampen the experience. But I did take some awful pictures on my phone to commemorate the feeling and felt so good that I even bought a dress for £7 on Saturday. I hope to dress in that long enough for photos soon. I have tried it on, but even that pleasure was cut short. Despite being deliberately isolated to do some errands on Saturday I was then called to take over a tired and non-communicative Boy whilst Tilly watched the Girlie in her dance lesson. Basically, I've been on shit duty - missing the quality but providing some of the quantity - my penance for doing marking and being given the time to do it. I long for the day when our finances do not require me to earn an extra grand or so to stay afloat.

Anyway, some pictures of me dressed recently, and all of them are blurry. Sorry, the perils of using my phone.

This one, posted to GetDare, got me the comment
that I look like a girl. That's because it hides the
Tayga of my face and legs.

I'll admit to liking this one. Except that you can
see my mono-brow.
Blurry but I like both my pose and my ensemble.
Less blurry but bow-legged...
Crap picture, attempt to curtsey.
Blurry as all hell, but possibly the nicest of the

And that's all I have tonight.


  1. Replies
    1. Aw, you're very kind, thank you.

      My mad-ex used to say that if she were a man with my legs she would wear skirts all the time to show them off. And then add that if she just had my legs full stop she'd do that.

      Personally, my legs are bowed and... mis-shapen. :)


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