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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Great Comparison

So, after yesterday's post, I started to think about the fact that I spent the day as I had and then, inevitably, compared it to my day today. After I posted last night there was an altercation in my household and after it Tilly was trying too hard to be nice. I'm not complaining about Tilly being nice but I find it suspicious and don't know what to do about it. Still tired and ill. I, on the other hand, am just tired.

I have been reminded of Robert Miles's Dreamland too as being an album that accompanied me a great deal back in 1997 (by dint of it being recorded onto cassette for me by a friend of mine). Along with EBTG's Missing it formed a huge part of my early forays into bondage and cross-dressing.

In case it wasn't obvious, tonight's post will be another TMI post but centred on events yesterday and today and the various pros and cons in choices of ones most intimate of intimates (and from what I'm looking at, intimate is this stud-muffin's middle name).

So, yes, what am I comparing? I am looking specifically at my choice to wear ivory coloured female full briefs yesterday contrasted with my choice to wear blue male boxer shorts (in cotton) today.

Here I must say there are some pros and cons for both. Given the expansion of my waist and thighs lately (read: since September) I have found that wearing boxers is particularly annoying for work purposes. On donning trousers I have to spend time making sure that the legs of the shorts go down the legs of the trousers and don't bunch up around the bottom of my waist uncomfortably. By contrast, the full briefs go where I put them and don't bunch up anywhere. Of course, the boxers are looser in the crotch, which is always welcomed, but this has a draw back that when I have to sort the legs of them out, if I fail, then they have a tendency to pull my bits about in an uncomfortable way.

On this then, the winner is the full briefs.

One of the key advantages of being male is the ability to stand up to pee. This is especially true at work as it means that I can visit the loo quickly and get back to working more quickly than my female colleagues, for example. It also means that, at my new place, obeying the call of nature is more simple than it has been in the past. For this purpose, having the ability to use flies has been very useful. I don't use the toilet at work every day (in fact, not even every week) but when I do it is nice to do that standing up. However, afterward there are always drips because, apparently, I can't do that any other way. In boxers this is not an issue. The material is absorbent enough to catch the drips without making me feel simultaneously wet and disgusting. The same cannot be said of full briefs, though the fact that I have to sit down does help me to take a moment when the call of nature arrives.

Boxers win this round.

My knickers live in a box at the bottom of the wardrobe in the spare room. My boxers are subject to the vagaries of Tilly's washing patterns and often aren't where I would expect them to be. there is also the fact that when I get back from work sometimes I can't really be bothered stripping completely to get into my pyjamas. For this reason I am still wearing socks for example. On this basis, I often find that knickers, especially full briefs, will remain on through to the night and sometimes in bed as well. This can be really helpful in winter and especially as we have taken the decision that adding a layer is easier and cheaper than cranking up the central heating. There are also advantages to having the ability to tightly control my bits both at work and at home. There's less... reminder of my bits in knickers.

Full briefs have this round hands down.

Apparently Dead Heat is the name of a movie(?) about two
cops, one of whom is dead, solving mysteries involving
the dead. Huh.
Boxers are a thicker material. Although they allow me to swing freely as God intended they also mean that there's a thicker layer twixt the bits and the outside world. I am not a person who is blessed with little sweat or absent BO. As a consequence the full briefs actually do a better job at wicking away sweat and BO enough to keep my crotch from getting all warm and moist, and not in a good way, so that's good. However, being a sweaty bastard means that my butt crack gets... itchy. My boxers are able to cope with this punishment than full briefs. That said, my full briefs don't stink the same way my boxers do by the end of the day.

A disgusting round and a draw methinks.

On these four rounds of comparison, then, it would appear that the winners are my full briefs. Well. Wasn't that exciting?

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