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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nights Out

School's out. For Easter. Not quite as iconic as the Alice Cooper song, but it'll do. We had a good day's training, no, really, and much valid work was completed before it was done; then home to make sure the kiddlies were abed and back out for a curry night with the people who can play football.

Alas, I do not look as good.
A generally nice night, all told, though confirmation of a few truths:
1. I am considered the worst player in the group, by some considerable margin (and they're not wrong)
2. At a game a couple of weeks ago I was the reason that one of them got so frustrated they stormed out at the end
3. I am the youngest addition to the group and not really part of any of the smaller mini-cliques
4. Nights out can be really boring when everyone is talking but not to you

See, shyness in males is not
considered alluring or even
acceptable. It was a very male
I can't complain. This is still a step-up, socially, from my old place of work. But in a meal with nine people it is hard to work out precisely how and why I ended up without any conversation for the best part of an hour. I did try to join in conversations but I was somehow tuned out or something, I don't know. No one even noticed when I turned to playing a game on my phone for ten minutes. The isolation was 'ended' by my having a nose-bleed but then continued for another half-hour after that point (making 90 minutes without interaction). It was forcibly ended by the fact that I'd offered a lift to two other people and they had to kind of talk to me on the way to and in the car. I am not terribly well-known, twould appear, which, given my confessional style with students, always takes me by surprise. The students know so much about me I always assume that some of it is leaked to other staff, apparently I am not correct.

Other than that, there's not a great deal to share. I wore knickers for 24 hours just because. It was an interesting experience but no more or less comfortable than wearing them during waking hours. In fact, as noted in another entry, it was better than wearing boxer shorts now that I have put on over a stone and look like a pregnant stick-insect. Certainly, not having to smooth down the legs of my underwear under my trousers in order to avoid uncomfortable bunches and rubbing is a definite plus in favour of wearing briefs designed for women.

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