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Sunday, 13 April 2014

For me?

Well, if ever I needed reminding that I have an invisible friend who I believe created the Universe then the events of the last hour or so are probably good enough.

I am a visitor to the talented Timid Tina's blog that specialises in cross-dressed secretary captions. About a month ago I left a very cheeky request there for quite a specific set of circumstances. Today there was a fulfilment, with some rather nice words, and I noted that another captioner had also tried their hand too!

Click on the images below to go and see the rest of their work!

Aaaaand events previous to the last hour remind me why it is that I need an invisible friend who created the Universe so much.

Discussed the Boy and his habits with Tilly. The disconnect is the unconditional love for a child versus the rather more conditional relationship with me. My post about telling her perhaps needs updating too. Tilly was too naive (latest excuse) and nothing short of me yelling "I'm a cross-dresser" and maybe being dressed while doing it would have made things clear to her. And no, she's not interested in sex with me. Furthermore she will not, and never will, entertain any of my sexual preferences - this was said perfectly matter-of-factly and without malice. This, I suspect, includes anything outside of basic PIV. Indeed, I rather suspect (yes, I used it twice in quick succession, I'm not feeling terribly writerly) this includes the 'compromise' of me going down on her - that's for my benefit, not hers. I have long thought so, now I have semi-confirmation.

I am... a little depressed by these revelations.

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