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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I don't often talk about my job or my workplace on this blog. Several reasons but principally because I suppose society at large would still view my internal struggles, minor triumphs and open discussion of sexuality as porn. And hey, on a base level I am still a privileged white male in a patriarchal world and so my mores and thoughts chime with what is packaged and sold back to us to further condition us and enrich others. In a nutshell, my openness with sexuality is porn. My honesty is only so far.

But those philosophical points are half-baked and not yet ready for full exposure. I doubt they ever will be. Don't be surprised if they don't surface again. They also aren't the point of my post. No, that is to be about my workplace.

Stress at work, bullying at work, has loomed large on this blog. Silently in the background, looming and all-present but without ever being the centre of attention for too long. Cathartically, I left my old place and went to a new one. So far it has been wonderful. Sure, I get stressed and I find myself overwhelmed from time to time with everything that needs doing but, and this is crucial, my colleagues have been wonderfully supportive. Students here are the same as I've ever taught, if anything they are not as well behaved, but that was never the issue and so it is close enough to keep me happy.

Tonight I was privileged again to see part of a talent contest as a judge. I don't know what I was expecting but the sheer quality of the singing/musical ability and the confidence and creativity just blew me away. I had to share that. In a world overrun with 'American Idol' and 'X Factor' and 'the Voice' I saw raw talent without it being packaged and edited and saw what we all hope to see on reality shows: real talent. And this is by a majority - I saw students being themselves and, more importantly, being allowed to be themselves and revelling in it. I was humbled. I was inspired.

Thank you new place for the honour. Thank you.

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